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5 tips you must follow to get the safest motorcycle helmet




Did you know that helmets save at least 1500 lives every year? And some even get saved from severe injuries as well. You will understand the value of a safe motorcycle helmet when you see yourself being saved by one. So never hesitate to invest in a good helmet that’s life-saving. But how do you find one? Will that be easy to dig up from all the different brands, price tags, and types? To make it easy for you today we will talk all about safe motorcycle helmets. This one is how to find the safest motorcycle helmet 101. Let’s get started.

Safest helmet type

At this point, you must know there are four types of helmets. There are full-face helmets, half-face helmets, modular helmets, and open-face helmets. There are off-road and dual sport helmets as well. If you want me to say which the safest helmet in all of these is, I would say the full-face helmet. It gives you protection for your head in every way possible. In countries where summers are rough, you can get modular helmets. But it would depend on your riding style. If you are riding on a high-risk road I would suggest a full-face helmet any day. Full face helmet is also great for protecting you from surrounding problems like debris and bugs. Below I explain about safety features a helmet must have:

Multi-density EPS

This multi-density EPS is a new technology that new helmets have. It’s an inner liner that absorbs all the shock when there is an accident. To simplify this, it is padding inside. It will keep you comfortable and provide safety at the same time. The lower area should also have the EPS for balancing the protection of the jaw and face.

Shell design

Did you think that shell design is only for style? It’s more for safety than style. A curved shape gives a little more shock absorption than a plain one. And it’s the first thing to give you safety when you get hit. Always choose a helmet with advanced polycarbonate or thermoplastic. A strong shell means strong safety gear.

Impact absorbing liner

Impact absorbing liner looks like they are giving protection to the top part of your head. It does give that protection and absorbs impact at times of crashes at the same time. To make sure you don’t get a head injury this is a must-have on a helmet.

Chin strap

Yeah it’s just a chin strap, isn’t it? It’s one of the most important parts of a good helmet. A helmet can do its job perfectly when the chin strap is strong. A proper chin strap won’t let the helmet fall off in case of an accident. So the helmet can do its job perfectly. In an event of an accident if you fall from height the chin strap will give the primary protection you need. Some people may suggest you get a helmet that has a tight chin strap. That’s not right. An uncomfortably tight chin strap might be bad for you.

Other things to consider for a safe and comfortable helmet

To be a safe helmet it must be comfortable at the same time. Why is that so? Because a comfortable helmet also assures safety. If you feel exhausted while wearing a helmet, can’t breathe well, and don’t have good noise control will you be able to drive safely? So it’s crucial to consider the comfort of the helmet.

So what are the attributes of a safe helmet?


A lightweight helmet is the best helmet you might already know. It ensures comfort and doesn’t burden you with anything. But how light is the right weight for a helmet? A helmet should be less than 1.5kg. And that’s an ideal weight for a motorcycle helmet. Some helmets make unnecessary designs and make the helmet heavier. That’s a big no. choose comfort over anything you will thank me later.

Noise level:

You are on a trip with your two-wheelers. You are riding the bike at full speed. But you can’t hear a thing on the road because of the wind noise. Would that be safe for you? You won’t hear anything if there is a vehicle behind you. It’s not comfortable as well. It can hamper your ears. So a helmet that controls noise level well is a must.

Inner material:

The inner material assures that you are comfortable wearing the helmet. It also absorbs impact. It will go through your sweat and dirt every day. So it must be washable for better hygiene. And that can degrade the fabric one day. When you get the helmet make sure it’s replaceable as well. Otherwise, you will be riding around with a helmet that has no protection of inner liner. An accident can somehow hurt you in that case.


In summer the heat gets us. And inside a helmet, it gets us in the worst possible way. If the vents aren’t working well you may even get a heat stroke. A stroke in the middle of the road is the last thing you want to happen. It is life-threatening even if the heat stroke isn’t that much of a threat. So a helmet that is specialized in ventilation can be safe too.

Visor specialty:

You are going to see through the visor. In the summer and winter even in the monsoon, you need the visor. It also protects you from debris and insects. A specialized visor will make your riding experience much better. A clear visor that gives protection in the fog and dew is great all year round.

Frequently asked question about safest motorcycle helmet:

Is an expensive helmet better?

That’s a very interesting question because we all think that splurging means great products automatically. As a matter of safest helmet, expensive ones might not be the safest helmet. I have seen a lot of helmets that are overpriced because of the exclusive designs and features. Which you don’t need for safety. For safety, you need a strong shell and strong impact-absorbing liner. So spend wisely on a helmet that emphasizes safety more than anything. Also, it depends on your riding style as well. Why spend a ton a something that’s not necessary at all?

Is an old brand safer as a helmet?

We all tend to believe that older companies provide a better products. Is it true always? We have to start believing some of the new companies that are killing it in the helmet market. HJC, Shoei, and AGV are relatively new names in the world of helmets. Do your research on helmet companies so that you know they have the best materials, not the best advertisements.

What are the safety standards to look for in the safest motorcycle helmets?

If you are buying a helmet that meets some of the safety standards of certain standards your helmets are safe. ECE is a must in European standard which is called ECE22.05. it covers the helmet and the visor as well. ECE stands for Economic Community for Europe.
A Street-legal helmet is a safe helmet. So when you buy a helmet it must be street legal.

Which helmet is the safest?

There are so many helmets in the market that are safe. Arai, Shoei, AGV, and Shark are great brands to consider. But the crucial thing is, you must buy the one that fits you the best. Because no matter the material or something, it’s not going to protect you if it doesn’t fit you well. Measure your head perfectly and then buy the helmet. Take your friend’s help if you can’t measure yourself.

How do I know this helmet fits me best?

Whenever you try a helmet, it should neither feel too tight nor too loose. A helmet that gives. Chipmunks like cheek that doesn’t give a claustrophobic feeling is the best helmet for you. The top of your head also shouldn’t feel like it’s getting too pushed as well.

Final thoughts

Is it all overwhelming? Yeah, it’s a little overwhelming at first. Especially if you have never been into the world of helmets. Once you read more and know more about helmets it will all come together. This effort will make your riding experience safe, comfortable, and exciting. Good luck finding the safest motorcycle helmet. Take your sweet time finding the best match for your two-wheelers. You won’t have any regret for later and the riding experience will be fun and safe at the same time.


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