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Bell Race Star Flex DLX Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Review




Bell helmets came to the industry in the 1950s. It started in a garage from Bell, CA, and eventually became one of the biggest helmet brands in words.

Bell has been making helmets for more than 50 years now. During this time, the ‘plain’ old Bell Star has been united by the Pro Star and the Race Star. They’re mainly sports bike-focused helmets. However, these helmets are aimed at cool-looking helmet seekers and those who look at the whole line.

The Bell Race Star flex DLX carbon fiber helmet has an upgrade from the previous versions and a true race helmet. The much more exciting version of this carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is ultimately the Bell’s top-line helmet that you can’t miss as a rider.

Bell Race Star Flex DLX Motorcycle Helmet Review

Bell Race Star Flex DLX Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet Review - PickYourHelmet
  • Manufacturer: Bell Helmets
  • Model: Race Star Flex DLX
  • Brand: Bell
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Item Weight: 5.79 Pounds
  • Dimensions: ‎17.5 x 12.1 x 11.5 inches
  • Type: Full-Face Helmet
  • Technology: Flex impact liner, Carbon fiber technology, CoolJade fabric
  • Certification: Non DOT (SNI) and DOT approved

Helmet Detail Page

If you’re looking for an unbiased point of view review on this helmet, this article will help you go through it.

7 Reasons To Buys Star Flex DLX Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

There is a lot of sides to talk about this premium Bell helmet. Our experts picked a few of the standout points.

1. Safety Issues

The Bell Race Star Flex DLX carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is entirely made of Bell’s 3K carbon fiber shell construction. Moreover, there is a pre-saturated construction to make sure the correct amount of resin is used. As a result, this process cut down on much weight.

The standard Race Star is made of Bell’s Tri-Matrix. Tri-Matrix consists of Carbon, Aramid, and fiberglass mixture. On the other hand, the Pro Star FIM is made of TeXtreme carbon fiber. This makes the helmet stronger and lighter. Our testers found the helmet lightweight and rigid.

The helmet is ECE 22.05 certified. There is also an available FIM version. The regular Bell Race Star has earned 5 out of 5 stars from SHARP. So, it will ensure maximum security for the riders.

2. Flex Impact Liner

This Bell star racing helmet has a different kind of impact liner. This liner is called Flex Impact Liner. The riders will get plenty of head protection for this great liner.

Three different layers use three other elements/materials to fit correctly with different densities. Three potential scenarios can create three different energy levels. Such as you’re riding at low, mid, or high speed. As a result, the impact will be significant when the distinct thicknesses of layers work altogether to maintain the energy.

In conclusion, this one-of-a-kind great liner will give you a premium level of protection.

3. Great Ventilation

Bell Race Star Flex DLX Motorcycle Helmet Review - Great VentilationDecent ventilation is always important for a helmet. We always recommend buying helmets with great ventilation. Airflow inside the helmet keeps your head cool so that you can focus on the road.

While testing the helmet in our lab, we found that this carbon fiber motorcycle helmet has a large chin vent. In addition, a switch operates the hidden interior chin vent cover that we could pull out to bring air into the helmet.

Besides, another sliding vent opens adjustable 4 air inlets with the third scoop up top. Finally, the hot air will escape. There are other vents and the internal system added to this helmet’s design and making. All of this keeps airflow inside the helmet.

4. Panovision Viewport of the Race Star Flex

Visual is the main thing to ride a two-wheeler. So, without top-notch visibility, all the great qualities don’t add value to a helmet.

It would be great if you had the utmost visibility when you are on the road. It will be a great help to see all the road obstacles correctly to make yourself safe. For safety purposes, this issue is the most important.

The riders can get horizontal and vertical visibility due to the Panovision Viewport. On the other hand, the traditional viewport cannot give you this type of utmost visibility.

We’ve found in our lab that Star Flex DLX provides greater efficiency in the case of an emergency. We are pretty impressed by this feature!

5. Not annoyingly Noisy

Superbike-focused helmets do not give much attention to the noise factor. Design priorities often dictate focusing more on good ventilation, low weight, and slippery aero first. As a result, more noise-ingress and less padding.

We have been told that this carbon fiber motorcycle helmet is a little bit noisy. But we found different results in our lab.

We tested the helmet in two states. One with earplugs and another one without earplugs. There are speaker pockets inside the helmet.

There was barely sound at all on with earplug mode resulting in only a 90MPH Sound level. On the other hand, the noise cancellation system of the helmet reduces outside noise without earplugs so that the rider can only focus on the road.

6. Multiple Sizing & Comfort

The Star Flex DLX carbon fiber helmet comes in different sizes for all types of heads. It comes in mainly X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. So, you can choose as per your head size and shape.

Bell Race Star has upgraded a lot from the Bell Star helmets. They are using a material/element from a company called (the same company with jade). This Virus Cool Jade lining is laced with jade, reducing the skin-surface temperature by up to 10 degrees (F). So, it keeps your head really cool.

7. Additional Helmet Amazing Features

Magnetic Cheek Pads

Race Star Flex DLX also features magnetic triple-density cheek pads. Bell uses a magnet in Star Flex to maintain the cheek pads instead of snappers clicking the cheek pads into place.

Premium Visor Experience

The visor of this carbon fiber motorcycle Helmet is an optical class 1 provision visor. As a result, you get an incredible field of view, and the visor is entirely distortion-free. Like other premium race helmets, the visor of this helmet also includes a set of tear-off posts. In conclusion, you will get maximum visibility on changing light conditions.

Removable and Washable Interior

Cheek Pads are magnetic. This makes the cheek pads easy to remove and wash when necessary. The interiors are easily removable and washable.

3K Carbon Shell

The shell is made with 3K carbon fiber. As a result, the helmet is incredibly solid. Moreover, Carbon Fiber technology makes it more lightweight. The Star Flex DLX has all the qualities to be a great race bike helmet.

Pros and Cons

Helmets are human-made, not God-made. So, it is a fact that no matter how premium a helmet is, it will have some backlashes. We will be talking about the points of the helmet we liked and what we didn’t.

What We liked about the helmet:

  • This helmet fits perfectly for the oval-shaped head. Mainly, the fitting comes back into place after few uses.
  • Excellent Ventilation will always make your head cool. So, you can focus on the road ideally.
  • The CoolJade system keeps your skin-surface temperature up to 10 degrees (F).
  • The quick-release magnetic technology is top-notch
  • Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets are lightweight and strong.
  • The energy management system of Flex Impact Liner ensures optimum security.

What we didn’t like about the Star Flex DLX:

  • It has a good fitting, but sometimes inner pads are uncomfortable.
  • nother uncomfortable thing about the helmet is the air cutouts.

The Final Verdict

We come to the final verdict of the Bell Star Flex DLX carbon fiber motorcycle helmet. Looking at all the features and technology involving, we definitely recommend you the helmet.

If you’re looking for a mid-level or entry-level helmet, this will not be one you’re looking for. On the other contrary, if you’re looking for a premium helmet with a handsome budget in mind, you will definitely love the helmet.



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