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10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Reviews in 2023 Updates




As technology continues to advance, riders are constantly on the lookout for ways to make their motorcycle experience safer and more enjoyable. A bluetooth motorcycle helmets have emerged as a popular choice, offering not just comfort and protection, but also seamless communication and entertainment options. In this article, we will delve into the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets available in the market. We’ll cover their top features, pros and cons, and important factors to consider while making your purchase. Our comprehensive reviews will help you make an informed decision and choose a helmet that best suits your needs and preferences, ensuring you ride with style, safety, and seamless connectivity.

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TORC T27B Bluetooth Helmet

TORC T27B Bluetooth Helmet
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Momentum Sena EVO Mesh Intercom

Momentum Sena EVO
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Sena SAVAGE Open Face Smart Helmet

Sena SAVAGE Smart Helmet
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Customers typically purchase Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphones and other connected gadgets. As a result, many people may be surprised to learn that these motorbike helmets incorporate such technological breakthroughs.

Nonetheless, our world is constantly changing, and life continues to surprise us with new inventions. It was only a matter of time until Bluetooth helmets made their appearance in our region.

Let’s talk about the top 10 best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets to improve your riding experience.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets:

1. Momentum Sena EVO Mesh Intercom Motorcycle Helmet

Momentum Sena EVO Smart Motorcycle Helmet - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Full-face helmet
  • Technology: Integrated Mesh Intercom Technology
  • Brand: Sena
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet
  • Customer Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars Customer Reviews 4.3 out of 5 stars

Helmet Detail Page

If you want a sleek helmet design with a black matte finish, the Momentum EVO Motorcycle Mesh Intercom Helmet is the way to go. Because of the highly efficient 3-way ventilation system, which delivers ample wind and fresh air on each side of your head, breathability will be the least of your problems.

Pinlock, a set of anti-fog lenses that prevents fog accumulation and ensures top-tier visibility on the road, is also included with the Momentum EVO Bluetooth helmet. The motorcycle helmet is suitable with a UV-resistant visor and a smokescreen if you want to keep your eyes shielded from the sun and smoke.

The Mesh Intercom Technology distinguishes the Bluetooth-powered helmet from other bike helmets. With the press of a button, you may enable Open Mesh, which allows you to communicate with as many riders as you like as long as they are within one mile of you.

If you wish to limit the capacity, you may always use a Group Mesh to speak with up to 24 riders within a 5-mile radius.


  • Very Comfortable Helmet
  • Excellent three-way ventilation system
  • Anti-fog lenses improve driving visibility.
  • A scratch-resistant and UV-resistant visor keeps your face safe.
  • Mesh Intercom Technology promotes better communication.
  • For a sleek look, the outside is curved.


  • The 6.3-pound weight may be too much for some.

2. Sena Outrush Modular Smart Motorcycle Helmet

TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Full-face bluetooth helmet
  • Technology: Modular smart helmet with retractable sun visor
  • Brand: Sena
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

Sena’s Outrush Modular Smart Helmet unit continues to dominate the list of motorcycle helmets. Indeed, its fantastic features and innovative functionalities demonstrate why Sena is a big player in the bike business.

Because of its simple quick-release ratchet strap mechanism, putting on the Bluetooth helmet will be a breeze. The strap system, EPS liner, and DOT-approved ABS shell provide a secure fit for your head.

Top-tier audio is the Outrush’s calling card, as it is with most Bluetooth motorbike helmets. Aside from the standard Bluetooth 3.0 system, the Sena helmet unit includes Advanced Noise Control technology, which lowers any outside noise caused by intercom transmission.

As a result, you may listen to music, follow GPS instructions, or simply converse with other riders while enjoying crisp and high-quality audio.

In terms of discussions, you’ll have up to 15 hours. So, if you want to get rid of boredom or just talk about life in general, you should use the allowed chatting time.


  • Long-lasting exterior (DOT-approved ABS shell)
  • Strap method that is simple to wear
  • Advanced Noise Control technology that can be adjusted


  • It is only available in black or white.

3. TORC T27B Bluetooth Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth

TORC TB27 Full Face Modular Helmet with Integrated Blinc Bluetooth - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Full-face bluetooth helmet
  • Technology: Integrated Mesh Intercom Technology
  • Brand: Sena
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

Torc’s TB27 model makes another appearance on the list of the most acceptable Bluetooth motorbike helmets. What value does it bring to the table? You receive the standard features seen in most motorcycle helmets, for starters, such as a DOT-certified shell, anti-fog, and anti-scratch shield.

The Torc Bluetooth modular Full-Face Helmet, on the other hand, is 20% lighter than its larger equivalents. With the help of EPS technology, you can still enjoy the same level of protection that most heavier helmets provide.

Are you concerned that it will not fit your head? There’s no need to be concerned because it has an oval head shape that fits most riders’ heads and faces.

You may connect your motorbike helmet to your Android and iOS smartphones using a new and improved Bluetooth 2.0 system.

With Bluetooth technology, noise-canceling headphones, built-in speakers, and a Digital Signal Processors (DSP) filter, you can expect high-quality audio on your bike ride.


  • Long-lasting shell (DOT-certified)
  • Small and lightweight (5.15 pounds)
  • The anti-fog and anti-scratch shield improves visibility.
  • Bluetooth 2.0 technology delivers clear audio.


  • We couldn’t find any.

4. TORC T15B Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Integrated

TORC T15B Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Full-face bluetooth helmet
  • Technology: Build-in Blinc Bluetooth technology
  • Brand: TORC
  • Vehicle Service Type: Street-sport-motorcycles
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

Take a look at the TORC T15B motorcycle helmet. “How come it is the best?” you may wonder. Let us begin with one of the most significant features of a helmet: comfort!

A built-in spoiler eliminates wind buffeting, assuring you and other riders that the helmet will not be blown away. Because of its scratch-resistant and fog-free face shield, you won’t have to worry about losing visibility on the road.

The race-inspired helmet design also has a drop-down sun visor to protect your eyes from harsh UV radiation.

It’s time to move on to the more complex Bluetooth functions. It has 24 hours of conversation time, 600 hours of standby life, and a built-in wind noise microphone for precise voice quality so that communication will be no problem.

All of this is made possible by the Bluetooth system and its one-tap technology, which means you won’t have to pull out your phone if you need to respond to an emergency call.


  • The spoiler shields your helmet from wind buffeting.
  • A sun visor shields the eyes from harmful UV radiation.
  • Bluetooth technology allows for continuous speaking time.
  • Battery life is extended.


  • None that we could find

5. Sena SAVAGE Open Face Smart Helmet

Momentum Sena EVO Smart Motorcycle Helmet - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Open-face Helmet
  • Technology: Integrated Mesh Intercom Technology, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Brand: Sena
  • Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

The product name, after all, speaks for itself. If you want to seem like a barbarian on the road, you should get your hands on this Sena helmet unit.

It is one of the first half-face helmets to use Bluetooth 4.1 technology, one of the best systems Bluetooth has to offer.

Indeed, you receive maximum connectivity for your devices, allowing you to listen to music while also paying close attention to GPS instructions from Waze or Siri.

Intercom communication is one of the most desired things that most riders will appreciate. As long as you keep a distance of one mile, you can chat with up to four other riders.

Since we’re on the subject of talking, the Sena Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has a talk time of up to 11 hours. You may think we’re insane, but if you get to converse with your friends for that long, you might like the traffic.

Because of its D-ring retention system and an extra chin strap, keeping the helmet on your face will be the least of your troubles.


  • Bluetooth 4.1 is a high-quality wireless communication standard.
  • Superior communication via intercom Time allotted for conversation (up to 11 hours)
  • The chin strap keeps the helmet on your head securely.


  • Only a half-face helmet design is available.
  • Visors and a microfiber lining can be purchased separately.

6. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet

Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Helmet - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Full-face Bluetooth helmet
  • Technology: Bluetooth integrated shell Technology
  • Brand: Torc
  • Inner Material: Cloth
  • Vehicle Service Type: Street-sport-motorcycles, Scooter, Street Bike
  • Certification: ECE and DOT Certified

Helmet Detail Page

The Torch T14B Integrated Mako Bluetooth helmet comes in at number six.

The Smooth Lock drop-down sun visor mechanism is a unique feature that gives rival Bluetooth helmets a run for their money.This feature makes putting on the sun visor easier because it will not fall out of place during your travel.

Furthermore, the Torc helmet will not impair your eyesight because the face shield prevents dirt, dust, and other dangerous particles from entering your face.

Do you still need persuasion? The inside liner is detachable and machine washable. As a result, even after wearing it several times, it still has that “fresh new” feel about it.

When it comes to taking phone calls and listening to music, a high-tech Bluetooth Integrated System provides the ultimate riding experience.

The person calling you will not have to deal with choppy wind noise in the background, making this helmet appealing. That’s because of the built-in anti-noise microphone.


  • Sun visor that is simple to put on.
  • The face shield provides maximum protection.
  • Simple upkeep; detachable and washable liner
  • Top-tier Bluetooth Integrated System


  • It is only available in predominantly dark colors.

7. Sena CAVALRY Bluetooth Half Face Helmet

Momentum Sena EVO Smart Motorcycle Helmet - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Open-face bluetooth helmet
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless
  • Brand: Sena
  • Material: Nylon strap D-ring retention system
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

As the price suggests, it is no surprise that this Bluetooth motorcycle helmet from Sena is the best budget option among other motorcycle helmets.

With its composite fiberglass shell, durability is the name of the game. Furthermore, the Sena motorcycle helmet meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218 in the United States.

Still not convinced to buy it? The intercom range of the half-face helmet is 900 meters (0.5 miles) thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 technology. Don’t you think wireless communication has never been this simple?

If you need to concentrate on the road in order to avoid an accident, the Advanced Noise Control, Wind Noise Reduction, and Wide Volume Control allow you to modify the volume of the music coming out of the helmet.

The Sena motorcycle helmet’s only drawback is that it is not a full-face helmet. Although the half-face form allows your face to breathe, it does not provide adequate UV protection compared to competing for full-face solutions.


  • Shell made of solid fiberglass
  • Range of acceptable communication (900 meters)
  • Audio parameters that can be changed
  • The reasonable price point


  • It is exclusively available in black.

8. FreedConn BM12 Bluetooth Full Face Helmet

FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmet
  • Type: Full-face bluetooth helmet
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Wired, Gps
  • Brand: FreedConn
  • Batteries ‏: 1 Lithium Polymer battery required
  • Vehicle Service Type: ATV, Adventure Tourer, UTV, Chopper
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

If you’re on a tight budget, the FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmet might be worth a look. For starters, the full-face helmet has a sleek matte black finish that offers it a good-looking appearance that most motorcycle riders would love riding in.

Expect optimal airflow and breathability on your road journeys with the help of a three-dimensional ventilation system. Essentially, you can still enjoy the pure air of the outside world.

Sound quality is another essential component and strength of the FreedConn Bluetooth helmet. Both echo cancellation and noise suppression technology allows you to listen to music, talk on the phone with friends, or use the GPS navigation system without any interruptions.

Unlike other Bluetooth helmets, the FreedConn BM12 includes additional equipment such as a helmet bag, gloves, and a standard user manual.

Indeed, the features of the helmet, coupled with the other products, should be enough to persuade you that this purchase provides the best value for money.


  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Bluetooth technology that allows you to talk hands-free.
  • Noise reduction provides high-quality audio for your music.
  • Additional elements improve the riding experience of the riders.


  • You must purchase your own USB cable adaptor.


9. Dual Visors FreedConn BM22 Bluetooth Modular Helmet

BM22 Bluetooth Evolution Modular Helmet with Dual Visors
  • Type: Full-face Helmet
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Wired, Gps
  • Brand: FreedConn
  • Special Features: Clear & Tinted Visor to Change
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

Let’s look at the FreedConn BM22 motorbike helmet. With its diverse set of advantages and abilities, it stands out from the various bluetooth helmets on the market.

One such function is one-touch control, which allows you to answer and reject phone calls without bringing out your smartphone. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your phone sliding from your grasp and being lost in the middle of the road.

Another appealing feature of the FreedConn Bluetooth motorbike helmet is its 4-pound weight, which lessens neck pressure and back strain. Other, larger helmets can’t possibly compare, can they?

Its materials include a fiberglass shell and Extender PolyStyrene (EPS) foam to ensure comfort and durability during your motorbike journey.

A D-ring strap completes the features, which is essential for maintaining stability for your helmet once you reach the extreme stages of the trip.


  • Composition is light (4 pounds)
  • Effortless one-touch functionality
  • D-ring strap and a tough shell
  • EPS foam that is both comfortable and supportive
  • CSR Smart Core Specializes in shape and core


  • Charge time is lengthy (3 hours)

10. HJC i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet With Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset

10. HJC i90 Modular Motorcycle Helmet With Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Full-face helmet
  • Weight:3.75 Pounds
  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling
  • Certification: DOT certified Smart Helmet

Helmet Detail Page

The HJC i90 Modular motorcycle helmet is up next. “What exactly does this product offer?” you may wonder. Every rider must emphasize eye protection when going on a motorbike ride.

SunShield’s thick black smoke does exactly that by hiding your eyes from those harmful rays. The best aspect is that it does not impair your vision because you can still see clearly on the road. It is also one of the more lightweight models on the list, weighing only 3.75 pounds. There is no way you can pass up on a helmet that provides maximum comfort for your head as a rider.

Let’s move on to the main attraction, the Sena 10B Bluetooth Headset. Sena has partnered with HJC to provide motorcyclists with the finest audio quality while on the road.

In short, owing to a Bluetooth 3.0 system and Sena technology, you can listen to music and receive GPS instructions from any smartphone app.


  • The SunShield visor protects the eyes.
  • The size is small and light.
  • An excellent Bluetooth setup improves audio.


  • The cost is high.

Why Should You Buy a Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

So, why should you choose a Bluetooth-enabled bike helmet over a typical bike helmet? Is it worth it to pay a little bit extra when all you truly need is head protection? Overall, these helmets are more than simply cool accessories for your motorbike journeys. These explanations and benefits will demonstrate why investing in more advanced Bluetooth helmets will benefit you in the long term.

Convenient GPS Navigation

Even if the winds begin to pick up, car drivers will have no trouble finding their route. Some automobiles even have GPS maps incorporated into their interfaces, making life easier for drivers.  The same cannot be said for motorcycle riders, who will have a more difficult time navigating the road due to the wind and other background noises. Even if you have a GPS app on your phone, you may have difficulty hearing the directions.

The best Bluetooth helmets allow you to get instructions right into your ears. You won’t need to take out your phone now and then to check your present location. You don’t even need to pull over or ask for directions from your neighbors or traffic cops.

Hands-Free Communication

Interaction with Other Riders

The integration of technology and communication has become an integral part of our lives, and motorcyclists are no exception. With the ever-growing need for seamless connectivity, safety, and convenience, hands-free communication has emerged as a vital component of modern motorcycling. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have taken center stage in addressing these needs, transforming the riding experience for countless enthusiasts. We will explore the multifaceted world of hands-free communication for motorcyclists, dissecting its importance, advantages, and the role of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in redefining the way we ride.

From in-depth discussions on safety and riding dynamics to exploring group communication and emergency preparedness, this guide will leave no stone unturned. We will also examine the latest innovations in Bluetooth technology, providing insights into how these advancements are shaping the future of motorcycle communication. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycling, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about hands-free communication and help you embrace the full potential of Bluetooth motorcycle helmets for a safer, more connected, and enjoyable riding experience.

Music to Your Ears (No Pun Intended)

A car journey isn’t complete unless there’s some music playing. Honestly, life would be boring if our favorite tunes didn’t exist. If you prefer something more traditional, you can go with a handlebar radio. However, you will be unable to hear clearly, and you will have no choice over which music will be played next.

With your Bluetooth helmet, this will not be the case. One of the reasons for this is that it includes built-in Bluetooth speakers, so anticipate both the treble and bass to be loud.

Simply connect your iPod, iPhone, or Android smartphone to your Bluetooth-enabled helmet and enjoy all of your Spotify playlists. You can, indeed, listen to as much K-Pop as you want when stuck in traffic. If you don’t want to bother other drivers, don’t sing too loudly.

Interaction with Other Riders

Interaction with Other Riders

In the great American tradition of motorcycling, camaraderie and teamwork play a vital role in creating unforgettable riding experiences. Effective communication among riders is essential for ensuring safety, enjoyment, and seamless coordination while exploring the open road with friends or participating in group tours. As helmet experts with a passion for riding, we understand the importance of rider-to-rider interaction and the impact it has on group riding dynamics. In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits and intricacies of communicating with fellow riders, focusing on how Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have transformed the way we engage with one another on our two-wheeled adventures.

We’ll explore various aspects of group communication, such as safety considerations, route planning, and real-time updates on road conditions, all while showcasing the features and capabilities of top-notch Bluetooth motorcycle helmets. Our expert insights, delivered with a distinctly American tone, will guide you through the world of rider-to-rider interaction, helping you harness the full potential of Bluetooth technology and take your group riding experience to a whole new level.

In terms of range, it varies depending on the helmet. Some Bluetooth helmets can have long-distance talks, whereas others cannot.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet?

Choosing a motorcycle helmet, let alone a Bluetooth helmet is a complex undertaking. Fortunately, this section of the article serves as a buyer’s guide, allowing you to analyze the benefits and downsides of each helmet. Make sure to read through all the categories as completely as possible to get one step closer to purchasing the best Bluetooth helmet.


Of course, you don’t want to feel like your head is confined inside your helmet. As a result, we strongly urge you to choose a design that provides adequate space and ventilation. Remember that motorcycle rides might last anything from 30 minutes to 12 hours, depending on your location. So choose a helmet style that is both comfortable and easy to wear.

Shell Type

You may need to do some additional research on the various shell types used by each Bluetooth motorbike helmet. The fiberglass helmet, carbon fiber shell, and organic fiber composite helmets are examples of the best shell types. All three materials are highly resistant to cracks and abrasion. The choice of the shell is still yours, but rest assured that you are in good hands with these materials.

Price Point

While we encourage you to choose the one with the best features, you should also consider your budget and the affordability of such products. Having a defined budget can help you narrow down your options when it comes to selecting a helmet. Also, keep in mind that more expensive products do not always imply higher overall quality. It’s a good idea to read the customer reviews to know what you’re getting with each product.

Extra Features

It may not be a big problem for some, but having extra functions on your motorbike helmet never hurts. For example, if you are a YouTube vlogger, you may want to consider purchasing a helmet with an action camera.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

This feature will allow you to capture a photo or timelapse of your entire road trip.

Aside from the built-in camera, here is a list of additional functions that should be of great use to you on your motorcycle adventure.

  • D-rings made of stainless steel
  • Padding/liner that can be washed
  • The padding/liner is removable.
  • Sun visor that retracts
  • Backpack for helmets

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Are you interested in learning more about Bluetooth helmets? Many facts concerning these types of helmets are unknown to the general public. That is why we have built this area to provide you with all of the necessary information. You’ll learn what a modular helmet is and how it differs from other helmets. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Do Bluetooth motorcycle helmets play music?

During a motorcycle ride, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are an excellent way to listen to music, make phone calls, or communicate with your riding friends. The helmet meets with FMVSS 218 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard). You can listen to GPS directions and stream music when you turn on Bluetooth.

Are Bluetooth helmets illegal?

Is it legal to use helmet-mounted speakers in the United States? Yes. Helmet speakers are allowed to use because they do not cover the ears as headphones do. Helmet speakers are considered in the same way as speakers installed on the bike are (or car for that matter).

Is a Bluetooth helmet worth it?

Are Bluetooth helmets worth it? Bluetooth helmets provide a wide variety of advantages to a motorcycle rider, such as hands-off communication with passengers or other riders, the ability to stream music, and the ability to navigate. Bluetooth helmets are not for every rider, but they’re a great asset to some.

What is a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet?

Motorcycle helmet technology has come a long way from the 1980s, where helmets were made from foam padding. In the current era, many motorcycle riders incorporate Bluetooth connectivity into their helmet to take calls, listen to music, and have access to other features on their smartphone without having to remove their hands from the handlebars. Motorcycle helmets today are manufactured with dense foam to block wind and debris, as well as fiberglass to provide rigidity.


We hope you enjoyed our reviews and discussions of some of the best Bluetooth motorbike helmets on the market right now. May you choose the one that meets your requirements, suits your budget, and provides you with a memorable driving experience.



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