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Best Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmets Review & buying guide




Are tired of your heavy helmet that feels out of style and scratched all over? It must be sad looking helmet but you lost hundreds of dollars on it. There are expensive helmets out there that aren’t comfortable or safe. But they break your bank because they are stylish. A lightweight, stylish and comfortable helmet will make your journey more pleasurable. Then what are you waiting for? It’s time you look at some of the best carbon fiber motorcycle helmets. But remember that a good quality carbon fiber motorcycle helmet can cost more. But worth every penny.

Carbon fiber is the material of choice for many motorcycle helmet manufacturers, and it’s no surprise why. The weight reduction achieved through this type of construction can make a world of difference when biking around town or on longer journeys in rural areas where there are fewer steps to take along with you.

The safety of a biker is their priority. That’s why they need carbon fiber helmets to provide them with ultimate protection and keep out any elements that could harm or discomfort while riding such as rainwater, sand storms, etc., Even if there are no other dangers on the road in front you’ll always be safe behind these sturdy covers!

If you’ve been considering a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, then this is the place for your needs. We have compiled ten of the best lids on today’s market that will keep not just yourself but also those around you from harm during accidents!

Safety and protoection during accidents

Safety and protection during accidents are the primary reasons for wearing a motorcycle helmet. A well-designed helmet offers numerous protective features that can significantly reduce the risk of serious injuries or fatalities in the event of a crash. Here’s a breakdown of how motorcycle helmets provide safety and protection:

Impact protection:

The primary function of a helmet is to absorb and dissipate impact energy during a collision. The outer shell, usually made of materials like carbon fiber, fiberglass, or polycarbonate, is designed to be abrasion-resistant and spread the force of the impact over a larger area. The inner liner, often made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, compresses upon impact, reducing the force transmitted to the rider’s head and brain.

Brain injury prevention:

Helmets are crucial for preventing traumatic brain injuries (TBI), which can have severe and long-lasting consequences. A well-fitted helmet can reduce the risk of TBI by preventing the skull from directly hitting the ground or other objects during an accident. Moreover, the helmet helps in reducing the rotational forces acting on the brain, which can cause severe damage.

Facial protection:

Full-face helmets and modular helmets with a chin bar provide added protection to the face and jaw. These helmets can prevent facial fractures, dental injuries, and soft tissue damage during a crash. Additionally, the face shield on these helmets protects the eyes from debris, bugs, and wind, ensuring clear and safe visibility while riding.

Neck protection:

A helmet’s shape and design can play a role in protecting the rider’s neck during an accident. Some helmets feature a neck roll, which helps to cradle and support the neck, reducing the risk of hyperextension or hyperflexion injuries.


Helmets with bright colors, reflective materials, or additional features like integrated lights can increase a rider’s visibility on the road. Being more visible to other drivers can reduce the risk of accidents caused by not being seen.

Noise reduction:

A well-fitting and properly designed helmet can significantly reduce wind noise, allowing riders to better hear traffic sounds and concentrate on their surroundings. By reducing distractions, riders can react more effectively to potential hazards, preventing accidents.

Top 10 Best Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Helmets

In the world of motorcycle helmets, carbon fiber stands out as a premium material that offers a unique combination of strength, durability, and lightweight construction. Carbon fiber helmets have gained popularity among riders who seek the best in safety and performance without compromising comfort. The following list of top 10 carbon fiber motorcycle helmets represents a diverse range of helmets that cater to different riding styles and preferences. These helmets have been selected based on their build quality, safety features, comfort, and user reviews.

Whether you’re a professional racer pushing the limits on the track, an adventure rider exploring the great outdoors, or a daily commuter looking for reliable head protection, this list aims to provide options that suit various needs. These helmets feature advanced technologies, innovative designs, and impressive safety certifications, ensuring that riders can enjoy both style and substance while on the road.

As you explore this top 10 list of carbon fiber motorcycle helmets, consider factors such as safety certifications, weight, ventilation, and other features that are important to your riding experience. By understanding the unique attributes of each helmet, you can make an informed decision and find the best carbon fiber helmet to suit your requirements and preferences.

1) Bell Eliminator Carbon Street Helmet

Bell has been in the business for the longest time. Their designs are practical, stylish, and sporty. A retro design helmet and the design is unusual. So it’s sure that it will be a statement accessory for you. Here are some details that you need to know before spending your money on it.

Helmet details:

  • Type: full-face helmet
  • Brand: BELL
  • Vehicle service type: adventure tourer, street bike, dirt bike, snowmobile, and scooter
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Inner material:
  • Helmet weight: 5.18 pounds
  • Certification: DOT Certified
  • Customer review: 4.6 out of 5

Helmet noise:

The helmet design is pretty round. There are no bits here and there to make air bubbles. And that could make the helmet quieter. But the problem is air vents of the helmet are always open. Airflow will make your life easier on a sunny day. But the noise will bug you as well. The noise is in control if you are cruising. But at motorway speed, it’s too noisy.


Ventilation of the helmet:

If there is one thing the Bell got right in this helmet it’s the ventilation. There are nine circular vents in the forehead. The air goes from the shell and EPS system to your head. And you will feel a breeze in your journey.


Sizing and comfort:

This Bell eliminator is a medium oval-shaped helmet. If your head shape isn’t very oval then you might have to look for something else. The sizing of the helmet is the smaller size. So if you want to order then a size up will be better.


  • The funky retro look gives the 70’s helmet vibe
  • Comfortable for glass wearers
  • The ventilation is quite impressive
  • Internal comfort lining is removable, washable, and antimicrobial
  • Very comfortable, lightweight, and easy to wear


  • The helmet is a little noisy

LS2 Helmets Motorcycles &Powersports Helmet’s Modular Valiant

Do you want something that has been made with technology and passion? A mixture of both and that’s all that makes this helmet awesome. The helmet is the strongest one out there that will provide you with protection. But there is no compromise on the fabric quality and comfort as well. Its smooth design can catch eyes easily. As it’s a modular helmet you don’t have to worry at all about the comfort here. The modular lift sits on the back rather than on the front. So you will have no discomfort at all.


Helmet details:

  • Type: modular helmet
  • Brand: LS2
  • Model: valiant
  • Vehicle service type: street bike and street sport
  • Material: kinetic polymer alloy
  • Helmet weight: 4 pounds
  • Certification: DOT Certified
  • Customer review: 4.6 out of 5


Ventilation of the helmet:

Adjustable ports and vented EPS work together and then make the exhaust port work in its full flow. This creates a constant airflow inside the helmet. The constant flow of air makes sure you don’t get exhausted in the journey. There is the top vent, exhaust vent, and liner hyper vent as well. All these are for your well-being on a hot sunny day.



How long do you wear helmets? Not long right? But when you go on a road trip by motorcycle, surely, you are going to wear it the whole day. And that brings the topic of comfort. There is a chin curtain for comfort. And all the fabric used here is hypoallergenic so no fear of allergies. The laser-cut foam gives an impression of perfection in the helmet.


The visor:

There is a twin shield system in the helmet for more protection from the sun. it’s also UV resistant. So you don’t have to be scared of looking at the sunny road and making your eye suffer. The visor is scratch-resistant as well to keep the helmet looking like a new lid for years.


  • The helmet is surprisingly light. It feels like a relief to wear after wearing heavy helmets for years.
  • The wind noise isn’t bad compared to other affordable options
  • You can ride it chin bar back


  • There is no breath deflector. So if you wear glass you may get in trouble with the helmet.

JUST 1 Pro Racer 12K Full Carbon Fiber MX Off-Road Motocross Motorcycle Helmet

Do you love over-the-top funky helmets? If yes, this one is a must-have in your collection. The first thing that comes to mind while watching the design is that it’s for those over the top people. And people who love to make a statement through their accessories. Now let’s see what’s inside the helmet that can convince you to buy it.


Helmet details:

  • Type: modular helmet
  • Brand: just1
  • Model: J1236CRCWT23
  • Vehicle service type: off-road bike
  • Material: carbon external shell
  • Helmet weight: 4.4s pounds
  • Certification: DOT and ECE Certified
  • Customer review: 5 out of 5


There are 11 intake and 8 exhaust vents. So you don’t need any more explanation on the venting part. Ventilation is great and you will not be in trouble for a ride on humid days.


The helmet focuses on safety and comfort at the same time. Its cheek pads are removable, washable, and changeable. So no worries of bacteria sitting there for ages. And then there is a double D retention system that’s the best one out there. And you know D rings for the way it is strong and reliable. And it’s also infinity adjustable.


  • Full carbon external shell gives the best protection that a helmet can offer you in case of an accident.
  • Removable cheek pads that you can remove in case of any emergency or need in general
  • The double D retention system makes the fastening experience better than ever
  • It meets all the safety standards thus is safe for use
  • Removable and washable inner lining to make sure the hygiene is maintained


  • Expected the noise to be a little lower. But it works just fine without much trouble.

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet

A premium lid that’s still affordable. Feels like a dream right? Don’t daydream about your perfect helmet anymore. Cause it may be the HJC one. A comfortable, light, and smooth helmet are what we all want. And the HJC one is exactly that. The high-quality product and innovation make this helmet so special. Let’s see what we have more on the details.


Helmet details:

  • Type: full-face helmet
  • Brand: HJC
  • Model: ‎HJC RPHA 11 Pro Carbon Helmet
  • Vehicle service type: street bike
  • Material: advanced carbon fiber shell
  • Helmet weight: 3 pounds and 3 ounces
  • Certification: DOT Certified
  • Customer review: 4.9 out of 5


The ventilation:

The advanced channeling ventilation system that has a forehead vent makes the venting efficient. There is another vent with the chin bar that you can open and close. So all these make the airflow great. It’s not the best one so far. But works great. The shell design is optimized to make the airflow better. The top vents do help in this as its six-stage variable airflow is adjusted through the dials of intake vents.


Comfort comes when the product you are using is working just like you wanted it to. The helmet works the best. Comes in the perfect shape and size. You can operate it with gloves. So no need to feel hesitant about gloves anymore. Take all the precautions to keep yourself safe.

The visor

The eye port is wider than usual to make sure the rider gets a bigger peripheral vision. Even if you ride the bike with rain, fog and snow there will be zero leakage. And it will not be challenging to see through all these.


  • Very lightweight and comfortable helmet
  • Advanced carbon shell for longevity and good performance in rough usage
  • Very affordable in comparison to the quality of the helmet
  • Wider eye port for better peripheral vision
  • Glove-friendly design to make sure you can comfortably use it while wearing gloves


  • There were no noticeable drawbacks to this helmet

LS2 Helmets Arrow Carbon Evo Helmet

Aren’t we all just tired of buying a helmet that costs an arm and leg? Because I am. what to do though. Because sports bike helmets do cost more. But then I saw this LS2 arrow that blew my mind. The quality and the price aren’t over the top like others. Now the big question arises. Will it work? Or it will stay in the garage for years? Let’s see the details on this one and decide.

Helmet details:

  • Type: full-face helmet
  • Brand: LS2
  • Model: 323-2021
  • Vehicle service type: sports bike
  • Material: carbon and fiberglass shell
  • Helmet weight: 3 pounds
  • Certification: DOT and ECE Certified
  • Customer review: 3.6 out of 5


Noise is a very personal preference. You cannot define how quiet or noisy without knowing your exact preference. But this one is reasonably quiet and it will not annoy you.


The ventilation of the helmet is satisfactory level. There’s the technology used in this helmet called dynamic flow-through ventilation. And this is the trendy venting system nowadays. In the chin guard, there are four vents. The upper two vents push air around the scalp and the other two direct air to the chin.

There are also four exhaust vents to the rear. All these vents work great to make the ventilation system quite great. Users have given satisfactory answers about the ventilation of the helmet.


A high visor opening is a must when you are riding a sports bike. Seeing ahead is the priority here. This helmet gives you maximum peripheral vision with a large opening visor. The visor is optically correct, 3 mm thick and comes with spinlock max vision. The anti-fog insert makes it even better. There is also a quick-release visor mechanism in here.


  • The fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and breathable making it very comfortable
  • An emergency cheek pad removal system
  • Even with the long or narrow head shape, you will find the best fit so comfort will be there
  • The helmet is pretty lightweight


  • Overall it’s a pretty great helmet. No issues.

ScorpionExo EXO-GT920 Full Face Modular Helmet

A good helmet has two sides to nail. The good-looking exterior and comfortable interior. And the Scorpion has nailed it with perfection. The inside of the helmet is very plush and thick padding is in there. The thick padding controls the noise to some extent. There is so much more to know about the helmet. Let’s have a look.

Helmet details:

  • Type: full-face modular helmet
  • Brand: ScorpionExo
  • Model: 92-1132
  • Vehicle service type: off-road bike, scooter, UTV street bike, snowmobile, ATV
  • Material: premium polycarbonate shell
  • Helmet weight: 3 pounds
  • Certification: DOT and ECE Certified
  • Customer review: 4.4 out of 5



When the price is mid-range helmets tend to fail miserably in the section of ventilation. But you can take scorpion as an exception for that. The chin vent brings air through the horizontal slot. You can easily find the chin bar wearing gloves as well. The top vent brings air through the EPS. So you don’t have to worry about getting enough fresh air while riding. But there is one downside is that when the top vent is open it gets noisy in there.

The visor:

It’s another important thing about a helmet. Without a perfect visor, everything would be meaningless. The eye-port of the helmet is sealed with a gasket tightly. So when you face

wet weather be it fog or rain it’s going to be alright.


Helmet sizing:

This helmet is on the narrow side. So keep that in mind when you buy the helmet. The tight cheek pad of the helmet makes it narrow. Also if you have a square jaw order a size up. Then it’s going to fit you.


  • The style of the helmet is quite new and stylish
  • Perfect ventilation
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Thick padding for more comfort


  • The cheek pads feel tight

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

If you want something premium then you have to pay a premium price. That’s how it works. The Shoei helmet is a premium helmet that provides premium quality and price at the same time. This is a functional helmet that’s attractive at the same time. If you want to pay considerably more for a better helmet after using cheap lids let’s see more about the helmet.

Helmet details:

  • Type: full-face helmet
  • Brand: Shoei
  • Model: shoei GT-Air II helmet
  • Vehicle service type: sports bike
  • Material: aerodynamic shell design
  • Helmet weight: 3 pounds
  • Certification: DOT Certified
  • Customer review: 4.6 out of 5



The ventilation system with this helmet is better than ever. On warmer days you will have plenty of cool air because three intake vents and five exhaust vents are there. The five exhaust vents are always open for cool air. The three-position sizeable vents can easily bring air to the scalp and cool you off in balmy weather.


There is an internal sun shield that will protect you from the rays of the sun. the helmet has a CNS-1 face shield and baseplate system that reduces fogging of the face shield. The sun shield is now 5 mm wider for the rider’s convenience.


  • A very good quality helmet that has a premium feel
  • Great sun visor
  • For long rides it’s very comfortable to wear
  • Even at freeway speed, the helmet remains steady


  • This doesn’t come with a built-in Bluetooth. There is built-in Bluetooth even in the more affordable helmets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a carbon fiber helmet better than a fiberglass helmet?

A fiberglass helmet is significantly heavier than a carbon fiber helmet. So when you are wearing a helmet lot lighter than before you are more comfortable, focused, and relaxed. It improves the quality of the journey. You are less fatigued in your journey which allows you to go faster. So, isn’t a carbon fiber helmet better than a fiberglass helmet?

Why is there hype about carbon fiber helmets?

In the manufacturing process the molecules bond in a way that gets incredibly strong. The industries that work with aircraft, motorcycle helmets, and militaries are great fans of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber helmets are stronger than any other helmet. Its scratch proof so it will look just as new for years. And safety is guaranteed when you buy a carbon fiber helmet. All these are the cause of hype around carbon fiber helmets.

Why carbon fiber helmets are expensive?

The process of making carbon fiber helmets is intricate. It takes a lot of time to make one as well. Only carbon fiber cloth costs a lot. Now if you look at the intricate design of a carbon fiber helmet you will realize that it’s quite a task to manufacture a carbon fiber motorcycle helmet.

Do I need a carbon fiber helmet?

Technically yes. Carbon fiber helmets are tricky to make. The finished product is just perfect. There will be no scratch on it. The look of the helmet will be outstanding. And the safety? That’s a hyped thing about carbon fiber helmets. Make sure you buy those with DOT stickers. And you will be in safe hands. So don’t go for cheaper alternatives in terms of helmets. It’s about your own life. So don’t play around with it. A carbon fiber helmet is eight times stronger than steel. So now you know the deal.

What are the Benefits of Carbon Fiber Helmets?

Answer: “Carbon fiber helmets are one of the lightest helmets on the market, making comfort and mobility a must. Plus, they protect you like no other.”

You’ll be surprised to know that carbon fiber helmets are one of the lightest helmets on the market! Recently, buying carbon fiber has become more affordable for most consumers too (unlike over 10 years ago). These two factors – lightweight & low cost – make it an attractive choice. Comfort is also something to consider when purchasing another helmet because stiffer shells can cause additional pressure to form within your skull during an accident. Having experienced both stiffer or softer shells, I can say without a doubt that soft shells provide extra comfort. Since skulls rarely move uncontrollably in general


Final thoughts

We gathered the ten best carbon fiber helmets on market. All these helmets were under our scrutiny about quality. So you can be sure about the helmets and buy one of these helmets. There is no doubt about the safety of the helmets that we mentioned here. Helmets are great investments and a cool accessory as well. Its appearance matters in many ways. So grab a stylish and safe one and call it a day. Have a safe trip with your fine lid and motorcycle.



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