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The Best Deadpool motorcycle helmets in 2023




Who is not aware of the craze of marvel and its superheroes. The fans of marvel are all over the world, which is why they keep bringing new trends related to it. You must have seen Marvel’s latest movie called ‘Deadpool.’ It has been superhit, and fans are mad about it. Ryan Reynold, who played Deadpool/Wade Wilson’s role, has done an amazing job in the film and amazed the Marvel lovers with his action and humorous character. Also, Tim Miller, director of the film, has done a commendable job.

Now, let’s don’t waste time and come to the point of why we are here today. We are here for you, and we have listened to your voice. We were getting requests from the Marvel fans for few days to review Deadpool motorcycle helmets. We all know that HJC has a license to create Marvel comic character’s helmets in the market.

However, HJC has expanded its lineup and created Deadpool motorcycle helmets. Let’s not forget that they have also added Ghost rider motorcycle helmets as well. Today, we will talk about only Deadpool motorcycle helmets as this article is especially for them.

So, if you are a true Deadpool fan, you must be aware of the design HJC has created. HJC helmet is the safest motorcycle helmet brand. It is super amazing and completely satisfying. The graphics they have made are something that we can’t overlook. These Deadpool motorcycle helmets from HJC featured a matte red finish along with the textured picture. That means you will get the same design of Deadpool’s suit with dark black eyes on the front side and the logo of Deadpool on the backside.

Now, let’s look at the 2 Best Deadpool motorcycle helmets briefly and find out which model could be best for you.

2 Best Deadpool Motorcycle Helmets

HJC is very well aware that Marvel’s Deadpool is very popular among marvel fans. They have taken care of the fans and create some of the best Deadpool motorcycle helmets in the market. Here are the top 2 Best Deadpool Motorcycle Helmets, which you can’t ignore.

1. Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet HJC RPHA-11 Pro Review

Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet HJC RPHA-11 Pro - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Sports Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Model: Rpha 11
  • Material: Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Carbon, Optimized shell
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling

Helmet Detail Page

Deadpool is known for its colors, and that was the center of focus while HJC was creating RPHA-11 pro. The combination of red and black is something we can’t take our eyes off. The helmet makes your feel like a superhero while riding a motorcycle. The HJC RPHA-11 Pro helmet has been constructed by taking care of the reputation of the superhero himself.

All the things HJC has introduced in the helmet are amazing such as excellent graphics, advanced technology, an effective ventilation system, and many more to discuss. We will talk about all these things very briefly. Let’s discuss the graphics first, as it is the center of attraction. The graphics of the helmet are so excellent that it can turn on even the pickiest fans of Deadpool.

The graphics are made in such a way that it replicates the real character costume of the superhero. It will stand out in the crowd for sure and make you feel luxurious. You need to buy this helmet right away if you are a true fan of Deadpool, as the red and black combination in a helmet will help you look like a superhero with superior feelings.
Technology used

Now, it is time to talk about the technology HJC has used in the best Deadpool motorcycle helmets. The RPHA 11 is one of the premium models of racing helmets, and it is made with PIM materials that means your helmet will be ultra-lightweight. Isn’t that amazing? You will be getting a premium racing helmet along with lightweight features.

The helmet’s construction consists of advanced PIM technology, commonly known as Premium Integrated Matrix Plus. You will be getting an amazing experience even when you are riding your motorcycle at very high speeds. All these features make the HJC RPHA-11 one of the best Deadpool motorcycle helmets.


  • It is affordable.
  • Easy to use the helmet.
  • It’s lightweight and ideal for all types of riding terrain.
  • The airy feeling you get when wearing.
  • The chin vents are quite useful.
  • It also offers anti-fogging capabilities.


  • They may not offer as much protection when compared to other models in their price range.

2. Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet HJC IS-17 Review

HJC RPHA 70 ST Full-Face Helmet - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Sport Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Material: Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Carbon
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorbike Helmets

Helmet Detail Page

HJC is famous for its graphic and texture techniques, and there is no doubt about it. However, that is not the only thing you should look at before investing in Deadpool motorcycle helmets. There are lots of other factors that you should look into. The Marvel fans’ best news is that HJC IS-17 is the only HJC marvel helmet that meets SNELL M2010 and DOT safety standards. The Level of Protection is high, It is considered marvel’s one of the best helmets made with advanced CAD technology.

One of the many characteristics of HJC IS-17 is that it is a lightweight helmet yet does not compromise safety and has a robust shell you can have in a helmet. The kind of comet level and helmet fit that HJC provides in the helmet work as a cherry on the cake. The Deadpool helmet of HJC IS-17 has a multi-density EPS liner with varying densities of foam that can improve the model’s impact absorption ability and reduce serious brain injuries during a conflict.

The new Deadpool Motorcycle helmets from HJC are for you if you have ever thought that you had sunglasses on right now. It is a marvelous hero helmet containing centrally mounted slides on the upper side to keep the sun rays at bay. That’s not the only thing; HJC has used many innovative and unique technologies in the making process.

Here are some of the best technologies used in the HJC IS-17 Deadpool helmet. The first things to consider are face shield and visibility. In that, HJC IS-17 gets 10 out of 10 as it Involves an enhanced RapidFire 2 shield replacement system, which helps easy removal and installation of the shield. Observing all the other factors, this could be the perfect choice for you.


  • It is a sleek helmet designed for the comfort of motorcyclists.
  • It is an Affordable choice for users who want to be safe and stylish at the same time.
  • It’s a very comfortable helmet, easy adjustments so riders can find the perfect fit.
  • Awesome Graphic Design
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation System
  • Its comfortable interior lining makes it perfect for long trips.


  • Some users say it is not fitting well.
  • Snaps are not strong enough for a face shield.

Features to look at while buying Deadpool motorcycle helmet

Deadpool-Motorcycle-Helmet-Visor-Sticker-We have discussed all the major models of Deadpool motorcycle helmets. Now, let’s dig into the features you will be getting in those Deadpool motorcycle helmets, as we know that HJC has used advanced technology and features. It is time to discuss it briefly.

Now, talking about the type of helmet. I believe the charm would have lost if there would be any type of Deadpool helmet except full-face. The full-face Deadpool motorcycle helmets are the best as it allows the company to customize the helmet just like the actual character’s face.

Advanced Technology

There are several technologies used while constructing the helmet. Some of them are PIM Plus (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus), Advanced channeling ventilation system, and Max Airflow Top Vent.


Talking about the weight, I believe that it is somewhat bulkier and not for everyone. The importance of HJC RPHA 11 is around 7.55 pounds. So, if you are someone who prefers lightweight helmets, these aren’t for you.


The finished helmet offers a stylish look in all seasons. Its textured matte finish, black and red make it excellent for any occasion or season!


The best part of the Deadpool motorcycle helmets is that they are versatile in design. Also, you can remove the cheek pads and flexible crowns without much effort and wash them multiple times.

Comfortable Interior

The helmet’s interior is excellent as it provides top-notch comfort and allows you to ride for long periods. The product’s material is lined with an advanced anti-bacterial fabric so that your skin will be protected and refreshed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for a helmet inspired by the famous Marvel “Deadpool” superhero, you’re in the right place! As you know, many of HJC’s officially licensed MARVEL comic character helmets are on the market, including Iron Man, Punisher, Captain America, and Venom. But, HJC has extended its lineup of MARVEL motorcycle helmets to include the Deadpool and Ghost Rider helmets.

So, at the behest of movie followers and many motorcyclists, HJC has designed and manufactured Deadpool motorcycle helmets. That means that if you are a true Deadpool enthusiast, you will definitely want to ride your motorcycle wearing the Deadpool motorcycle helmet. So, here are some potential FAQs and the answers for buyers.

How heavy Deadpool Motorcycle Helmets are?

The Deadpool Motorcycle Helmets come with a more comfortable and lightweight design. It uses reinforcements materials includes a carbon-glass hybrid fabric and carbon. Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet HJC RPHA-11 Pro is 7.55 pounds in weight. It’s undoubtedly one of the heavy helmets around. So it’s not suitable for someone who prefers a light helmet. If you are looking for a more lightweight helmet, this is not for you.

Contrary, you can choose Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet HJC IS-17. For everyday use, the HJC IS-17 is a great helmet. Its shell is made of polycarbonate. It comes with great comfort and lightness, only 4.40 pounds.

Is there a warranty on the helmet?

HJC helmets are known for producing high-quality helmets using only the best raw materials. HJC extends the 3-year warranty for HJC helmet purchasers and the 5-year warranty for RPHA helmet purchases, ensuring that the helmet is free of material and quality defects.

For more information on how the warranty works, please see the HJC Policy section. So, you can fully trust the capabilities of the products. This warranty does not apply to any problems arising from misuse, negligence, alterations, accidents, etc., of the wearer.

Are these suitable for long rides?

HJC RPHA 11 is a full-face helmet focused on racing. As a racing helmet, few particular features make the helmet more suitable for racing than touring. They would be safe and ventilated, which is what you want when you race. The HJC RPHA 11 builds on the hugely successful RPHA 10, creating a more tuned helmet for sports and track enthusiasts.

Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet HJC IS-17 helmet comes with a clear visor fitted as standard. Its tinted visors are NOT suitable for use on public roads. They are designed for use on tracks only.

How long do the helmets sustain?

How long a helmet lasts depends on production as well as usage. These helmets are made via plastic injection molding materials. The helmet’s shell is super lightweight and offers much durability. The helmet shell is manufactured according to the P.I.M. Plus, Premium Integrated Matrix Plus method. This method uses glass fiber, aramid, and carbon to create a light but solid helmet shell. Therefore, you can be sure that it will last longer if you do not cause any damage.

Are these helmets provide super safety?

The Deadpool Motorcycle Helmet HJC IS-17 delivers HJC’s outstanding performance and protection standards at a great price. The helmet’s outer shell is formed of advanced polycarbonate to provide excellent protection. The IS-17 is designed with CAD technology for a comfortable fit.

The internal cheek pads are available in a variety of thicknesses, so you can find the perfect size to provide a more personalized fit to your helmet. The HJC IS-17 is an excellent helmet that provides excellent protection and performance without compromising comfort.

Deadpool Helmet HJC RPHA-11 Pro features enhanced impact resistance, more comfort, and reinforcements that provide superior protection. It also features an emergency helmet release. The helmet cheek pad is designed for safe and quick removal of the helmet in an emergency or rescue.

HJC RPHA-11 has an ECEREG 22.05 safety certificate. This model does not have a Snell test certificate that contains more complex tests.

How effective the ventilation system is?

HJC sets new standards with the all-new RPHA 11 and IS-17 for helmet performance. The shell design is optimized to enable the best airflow ventilation system. Max Airflow Top Vent is installed to ensure six levels of variable airflow. A glove-friendly dial located at each air intake allows you to make the necessary adjustments. The ACS or Advanced Channeling Ventilation System flushes heat and steam from the helmet through a complete front-to-back airflow.

Many new design innovations create aerodynamically superior helmets with excellent breathability, ultra-plus comfort, and exceptional safety features. All of this helps to justify the name Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advantage, or RPHA. Overall, RPHA 11 clearly shows why HJC remains number one in the world.

Who should buy a Deadpool Helmet?

Are you one of the motorbike freak and Marvel fans as well? Then you must also be a Deadpool fan for sure. Imagine how thrilling a feeling would work when you go on a ride wearing the Deadpool helmet on your head. Thinking about this feeling, HJC has brought Deadpool helmets for you. HJC Helmets is undoubtedly a fan of Marvel as they announce the RPHA 11 Deadpool. RPHA 11 Deadpool is the second Deadpool graphic from HJC; the first featured on the IS-17.

Deadpool is not your average superhero. The X-Men’s badass and smart-ass character may not be the suitable role model, but he has won the hearts of comic fans worldwide. The HJC graphics recreate Deadpool’s classic comic super-suit with a textured red design and matte finish. This new graphic is included in HJC’s premium sports helmet, the RPHA 11 model. Riders will be delighted to see the addition of Deadpool alongside Ghost Rider, a character not to be missed in the motorcycle industry.

Deadpool helmets are finely made just for racing. It is an excellent choice for racing or track tours but not suitable for general public road trips. So, Deadpool Helmets may be a good choice for those who are enthusiastic about long-distance travel or like to race. Don’t forget to buy this helmet for those who prefer fancy, or if you are a big Marvel fan, don’t forget to buy this helmet.

Which is the perfect shape and size for me?

Do not buy a used helmet or rent another person’s helmet. Over time, the helmet’s protective foam will adjust to the contours of the user’s head. Used or borrowed helmets may not provide as much protection as new helmets.

Wearing the wrong size helmet can raise the risk of severe injury or death from an accident. Helmets that are too large to fit your head may knock off or come off in an accident.

The Deadpool Motorcycle Helmets HJC are made in different sizes. Hope you can easily get the size of your choice. Here are some tips to help you find the right size of your helmet:

Measure the head with a measuring tape. Use the size chart to choose the size of the helmet that most closely matches your head size. If your head size is between the sizes of the two helmets, try the larger helmet first, then the smaller one. Grab both chin straps and try pulling the helmet all over your head. Check the top of your head is in contact with the inside of the helmet. Make sure it fits properly.

To check your helmet’s right size, make sure the helmet’s inner lining fits snugly on your head. Next, make sure that the top pad is pressing firmly on your head. The cheek pad touches your cheeks. There is no space around the eyebrows under the inner lining. Insert your finger to test this. If the helmet doesn’t fit properly, try a smaller size.

Check your field of vision when wearing a helmet. Some helmets may block or block your view when looking left, right, up, or down. Always make sure you look good enough to operate your motorcycle safely.

Place your hands on both sides of the helmet to test the fit of the helmet. Try rotating the helmet from left to right and then up and down with as little head movement as possible. If you feel the helmet pad slip over your head, it’s too big. Try a then smaller size. While trying to move the helmet, you should feel the helmet move the skin on your head and face.

Secure the retention system or chin belt as tightly as possible under the chin without causing pain. The belt should not loosen but the belt should be firmly secured to the chin.

Test the retention system. Place your hand behind the helmet and rotate the helmet forward to push it away.

Place your hand on the front or chin guard of the helmet on your forehead and rotate it back to push the helmet away.


No one can deny that there are several benefits of using Deadpool motorcycle helmets and their stylish look. All the advanced technology, graphics, and texture make it the perfect helmet for Deadpool fans.


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