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Marvel is a popular Marvel superhero character, Marvel superheroes have been around since 1939, Marvel comics introduced their first black superhero in 1966. Marvel comics have been known to be so good that they have been said to save people’s lives. Marvel heroes are an interesting lot and they will keep you at the edge of your seat when watching them in movies or reading Marvel comic books. One of the most loved Marvel hero is Black Panther; another widely known Marvel character is Iron Man. The popularity of Marvel has led to its merchandise being loved by many and worn on clothes and with hats and shoes too, but it doesn’t end there: masks and helmets with Marvel prints and logos on them are also very loved by Marvel fans all over the world and Marvel motorcycle helmets are among them. Marvel motorcycle helmets look just like Marvel characters and their logos which makes Marvel fans want to wear them even more.

HJC RPHA 11 Carnage Marvel MC1

Full Face Helmet

In today’s world of motorsports, it takes a special kind of helmet to stand out from the rest. The HJC RPHA 11 is one such example: made by a Korea-based company with decades upon decades worth of experience in producing quality motorcycle gear for racers around the globe including their own countrymen first place winners at every international competition they entered since 1971! This groundbreaking design combines cutting-edge technology and ergonomic comfort into an absolutely stunning-looking package that will make your ride safer while giving you unprecedented access both eyesight-wise as well as hearing thanks also about advanced ventilation system which ensures air flows smoothly without any excess turbulence.


  • The shell of this vehicle has been designed to optimize the airflow ventilation system.
  • RapidFire™ shield replacement system: easy, tool-less design that provides fast and secure installation of new shields.
  • The aerodynamic shell structure of the helmet allows it to perform at maximum speeds.


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