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How to Find the Best motorcycle helmet for big heads- A complete guide




Looking for a good motorcycle helmet for your big head? You are at the right place to know about all the things you need to get it. Look, there are hundreds of companies that make helmets. Few of them make a good helmet that is user-friendly. And there are just a handful of companies that make helmets for big heads. Here we are going to talk about all the things you need to know about getting the best helmet for big heads. Later, you will find a helmet that suits you best in terms of look, comfort, and safety.

Right size and fit for a helmet for big heads

Can we emphasize enough how important it is to get the best fitting helmet? It is always the right size and fit helmet that will save your life in case of an accident. A loose helmet will go anywhere when you fall off the bike. And you know the rest. On the other hand, a tight helmet will become a weapon to hurt you instead of saving. How? If you get into a crash you will bang against the helmet. That will injure you for sure if any other thing didn’t injure you already. So keep up your hunt for the best fitting helmet.

Helmet certification

Be it a helmet for big heads or small heads one thing is always constant. The motorcycle helmet certification is always constant. Check out DOT and ECE certifications in each of the helmets you ever buy. If you buy helmets for bigger heads check out the SNELL certification as well. Some manufacturers don’t provide their helmets for SNELL testing. The reason is unknown. But you should buy the one with SNELL certification to make sure you are safe no matter what.

Be aware of fake helmets in the markets. Those fake ones don’t have any certifications on them. They just copy the design and brand name. and these are dangerous to ride with. You get zero protection if you face any accident whatsoever.

Remember if the price is unbelievably cheap you stay away from it. A cheap helmet can make you feel good that you saved a lot of money. But you fall into a trap where you bet your life, but it is at risk, and loss of money.

Availability of helmets for bigger head

It’s hard to tell about the availability of helmets for bigger heads. 3x helmets are usually available but the problems arise if you are looking for 4x helmets. 4x motorcycle helmets are only found on the leading helmet manufacturer’s website. 5x helmets aren’t normally available anywhere but you can pre-order the helmet and get it after some days. HJC makes some dope helmets that are great for those with bigger heads. You should take a look at their website. So you should lose your hope. No matter how big your size is you will find your size. Just don’t stop looking for the right size. Don’t give up on your safety so easily.

Try on the helmet

Online shopping or physical shopping? Which one do you prefer more? For a helmet for a bigger head, I would suggest a physical shop where you can try on helmets as much as you want. Trying the helmet on will solve most of the problems. You will know how well it fits, how comfortable it is, and how perfect it is for you. nowadays online websites also provide this. If they do take the chance and try it on. Remember your helmet should fit chipmunk cheeks. That means your helmet may push your cheeks a little to the side. And that means it’s a perfect size. It is not too tight or not too loose. If it’s a little tighter you can wait before returning. Sometimes helmets can loosen up a little bit after 24 hours of use.

Wear the helmet sometimes

Yeah, it’s a rule you should always follow after buying a helmet. Keep the helmet for half an hour. Check out the pressure points and tightness of everything. If there is no discomfort at the temple, forehead and just above temples you are good to go. If everything feels right, go for a ride. Sometimes a perfectly fitting helmet can feel uncomfortable on rides. The ride will make the helmet fit to your head as mold-like. If everything looks right, enjoy the new helmet that you hunted after researching so much.

Which size helmet will fit my big head?

Are you thinking well, let’s just buy the helmet that’s the biggest size? That’s not a good idea at all. You may think you have the biggest head ever but there are many people with bigger heads. So you must measure your head before buying the helmet. You know how to measure your head right? If not, why are we here?

How to measure the head for a helmet?

First, you need a soft measuring tape that you can easily wrap around your head. Put the measuring tape right above your eyebrow and keep it around the whole head. If you start from the eyebrow end it is just thereafter covering the head. and voila that will be the circumference of your head. It’s the exact place where your hat sits. Keep the measuring tape snug. Not too tight or not too loose. That’s how your helmet should fit as well. So this is how you measure your head for a helmet.

FAQ about big heads motorcycle helmet:

You got a big head and can’t find the perfect motorcycle for big heads? It’s a hassle to find helmets for big heads. Normally there is rarely any demand for big head motorcycle helmets. So you had suffer for a long time. But not anymore. Here is the answer to all the questions you have asked everyone and nobody had a good answer. Let’s start and see what the deal is with motorcycle helmets for big heads.

What type of helmet I should buy for a big head?

The type depends on the style you are trying to achieve. And mostly on what is your riding style. There are plenty of styles available in the market. The most common type of helmets is open face, half, and full-face helmets. The level of safety you need on the road is the most important when choosing the helmet. If you go for full-face helmets it will be better in terms of safety. This is for long rides and gives the highest safety. But why wear an uncomfortable helmet while going to the office sitting an hour in traffic? Just wear any half-face helmet and done.

Why does my head hurt after wearing a helmet?

If your head is hurting from wearing a helmet that means it’s too tight for you. Your head might be bigger than you measured it last time when you bought the helmet. The helmet should sit snug on your head. It shouldn’t be too tight to hurt after some time. Also, a sloppy helmet that’s too loose isn’t safe either. You need to measure your head again and find the perfect helmet according to your head size.

Am I going to find the perfect helmet for my big head?

Of course, you will find the best helmet that’s made especially for people with bigger heads. You just need to measure your head right. And then look for the best helmet manufacturers and their size chart. Go for the size chart which only shows helmets for big heads. Many brands work to make helmets for bigger heads. You will find the best helmet even if you try. HJC and Shoei make some cool helmets and their size chart includes people with bigger heads. And you don’t even need to ask how great their helmets are. They are one of the best in the market.

Do I need to change my previous helmet?

If you are changing your old helmet for being too tight you should change the previous helmet. If you wear a helmet that’s too tight it’s risky for you. The shock absorbency doesn’t work well if the helmet is too tight. Even if there is some medical emergency a tight helmet can cause hazards rather than help.
If you are changing your helmet because it is too old you must change it. An old helmet gives zero protection it can endanger your life by shattering at the worst place.

What makes a good helmet?

A helmet that fits the best will be the best helmet from the user’s point of view. Because most people can’t find a good helmet that just fits well. Other than that a lot of factors matter to say yeah, that’s a really good helmet. A good helmet should have good air circulation going around. Then a good helmet must be DOT and ECE approved. If it cant save your life in case of an accident how is that a good helmet? Then a helmet shouldn’t be too heavy. It should have a good visor and all. All these small factors make a good helmet.

Is a helmet with a pointed chin good for big heads?

Generally, motocross helmets have this cool design that has a pointed chin. The pointed chin allows the rider to get cool air while riding. As we all know riding motocross can result in heavy breathing and elevated heart pressure. If you get some cool air this will help you to calm down. Big heads aren’t a problem if you find an exact size helmet that fits you well.

Is there any benefit to wearing a bigger helmet?

Of course, you will be benefitted from a bigger helmet in all ways. How? First of all, wearing a big helmet for your big head means it fits well. If it fits well you are going to feel comfortable in it. Wearing a comfortable helmet is almost all you need while riding.
Secondly, a well-fit helmet protects the head more than the tight one. So in case of an accident you are going to thank the helmet. 70% of people wearing the right-sized helmet have saved their lives in case of an accident.
Last but not least a bigger helmet will have more space inside for airflow. So you will have cool air floating in your face while driving. You don’t have to complain about being all sweaty and exhausted after riding a short distance.

Is giant-sized helmet good?

Do you have a bigger head? If you do and the giant helmet fits you well it’s good for you. A snug fit helmet is the best helmet keep that in mind.

Are modular helmets bigger?

Yes, modular helmets are slightly bigger than other helmets. It may be because of the two-way design. It becomes a full-face helmet if you want. There is a hinge system that makes the chin bar open through a button. That transforms the helmet into a full-face or half face helmet whenever you want. If you are thinking about buying a modular helmet then go for a little bit smaller one.

Final thoughts

In today’s world, more people are coming towards using a two-wheeler. It is convenient for traffic hassle and many more reasons. With a motorcycle, you need safety gear that can save you from accidents. Getting a good helmet that fits well, is comfortable and is safe is already a hassle. The hassle adds when you can’t find a helmet for bigger heads. It is like winning a lottery sometimes. We tried to make it easy for you. Hope you find it useful and find the best helmet.


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