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The Best Motorcycle Helmets 2023




You must be aware of the importance of motorcycle helmets if you are a rider. It is important to protect us with helmets, and it is something we should not be compromised. However, we have observed that buying the best helmet is a tough decision for many greenhorns as there are a plethora of types of helmets in the market, such as the full face, modular, adventure, custom, and many more to mention. In this post, we have listed the best three motorcycle helmets that have all the essential features and functionality.

Best 3 Motorcycle Helmets

Shoei Rf-sr Helmet

Shoei Rf-sr HelmetWhen we talk about the best motorcycle helmets, the Japanese Shoei RF-SR always comes first in the list. This helmet fulfills all your requirements, from safety to style. Hence, the tagline of the company ‘You get what you pay for’ applies true with this helmet.

Size and Weight

You don’t need to worry as the company has six different sizes to offer you. The sizes include Small, Extra small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. The EPS lining on the helmet is capable of being scoured and has antimicrobic characteristics.


The ventilation process of the helmet will make you feel proud of your choice. The chin vent is the cherry on the cake. At the bottom, there is a chin vent. Also, there are two vents on the upper side. The sliders of the tent are excellent as they have metal-covered cuffs and click.


As we have said earlier, safety measures should not be compromised. The company has used AIM Plus (Advanced integrated matrix plus) Technology in helmet engineering. Also, the helmet is made of five fiberglass layers. The elusive M2015 certification ensures that it is tried and tested by Snell.


The helmet’s design is stunning, and the best part is it is available in seven different shades. The other shades’ name is Matte Black, Matte Blue, Tangerine, Basalt Grey, Black, White, and Matte Deep Grey.

Level of Sound

You must be thinking there will be more noise as there are lots of vents in the helmet. But, you are wrong here. Both upper and lower vents have minimal noise infiltrating through them. Also, the cheek pads deter a substantial level of noise around the neck part.


  • Noise cancellation is perfect.
  • It offers a lot of colors and different sizes to choose from.
  • Advanced integrated matrix plus technology will protect your head.


  • The weight of the helmet is heavy.
  • Very few slidable vents.

Arai Xd4 Helmet

Arai Xd4 HelmetArai XD4 is one of the best motorcycle helmets if you are looking for adventure helmet models. You will get a detachable shield and peak with an Arai XD4 helmet. Also, an unignorable fact is they have improved the overall design by using enhanced aerodynamics and large cowl vents. You can use the model as a motocross, full-face helmet, or adventure.

Size and Weight

The weight of the helmet is moderate as it is generally oval moulded. The weight of the extra-large variant is around 1640 grams which are ideal for drag and thrust. There are a total of four sizes that you can avail of and includes small, large, medium, and extra-large.


There are plenty of such as five vents in the Arai XD4 motorcycle helmet. The two vents are located at the brow and three at the chin bar. You will find several vents on the top as well. The best feature is all these vents are slidable.


You should not worry about safety when you are buying an Arai XD4 helmet as it is a masterpiece that has been certified by Snell and ECE 2015. With the help of the helmet’s multi-density polystyrene liner, you will get excellent shock absorption. Complex Laminate Construction engineering techniques have been used in the creation of the Arai XD4 motorcycle helmets.


There are four available colors, including everyone’s favorite Frost black, Frost White, Frost Red, and Frost Orange. Also, you can select designs from a total of three structures that include Desert, Mesh, and Route.

Level of Sound

The Arai XD4 has undoubtedly higher noise levels as it has more vent holes than its predecessor. However, the noise level completely depends on the speed of the bike and prevailing wind conditions.


  • It allows you to choose from three different designs.
  • Excellent technology used.
  • Five slidable vents make sure you don’t feel exhausted.


  • There are only four colors available.
  • The weight of the helmet is heavy.

AGV Unisex-adult Full Face K-1 Motorcycle Helmet

AGV Unisex-adult Full Face K-1 Motorcycle HelmetIf you like a basic motorcycle helmet, but with excellent aesthetics, you should choose AGV Unisex adult full-face K1 motorcycle helmet. The helmet also includes a thermoplastic shell. Also, you can tweak the helmet into an open helmet, modular helmet, or Full-face helmet. It is AGV racing technology’s entry-level model that can be a perfect buy for you.

Size and Weight

You will be getting six sizes of AGV K1 helmets to choose from. The sizes include XXL, XL, medium-large, Small, Medium Small, and Extra Small. The heaviest size is XXL that contains 1520 grams which is comparatively lighter. The helmet’s thermoplastic shell attributes a lot to its excellent aerodynamics and drag.


There are five vents, and all are slidable, of which two are on chin bars, and three are on the forehead. Also, it is one of the best motorcycle helmets that has IVS (Integrated ventilation system).


The company has used a thermoplastic shell in the AGV K-1 helmet. Also, it has scored four stars in the ratings of the UK thermoplastics. Also, you will be getting a wide range of vision as it is engineered to a broad shield.


The AGV K1 has three colours to offer as Black, white, and matte black. It does not have that touch of glamour and is found less attractive than its competitors and successors.

Level of Sound

The thermoplastic material of the helmet is exceptionally aerodynamic. It has reduced wind resistance that cuts down the amount of wind noise. But, the amount of noise increases with speed and with the open face tweak mode.


  • Tweak the helmet into an open helmet, modular helmet, or Full-face helmet.
  • The weight of the model is light.
  • One of the affordable racing helmets.


  • Noise level is high
  • Less attractive and only a few colours available.

Factors to consider while buying a helmet

Motorcycles are convenient and offer great thrills in our life. Don’t we all just love riding motorcycles? All teenage dreams of a good motorcycle before anything. That’s because it brings fun and adventure to our life. But a cautious voice in mind always speaks negatively. What if there is an accident. So I always try to find the best possible helmet in the market. I want to make sure In case of an accident my head is at least safe. You may think about how to determine the safest helmet that doesn’t make breathing difficult. I got your back. Here are the things you must consider before buying best motorcycle helmet.

Determine your style

There have been several helmets that have a different style. And all of these come with different features. You may need those features or may not even need those. So ask yourself those questions before buying a helmet. Do I want to use a motorcycle just for the office? Or do I need it for the hiking I wanted to go? Or all I ever want is to go on adventurous rides with the motorcycle. That will determine whether you need a piece of modern machinery, a vintage model, or a mix of both in some cases. It will narrow down your hunt for the helmet.

The elephant in the house- the protection

A helmet can look stylish and super cool. But the soul’s purpose should be protection. If it can assure that then you can look for the style. You are not supposed to just go for the style and look all cool. You must note down all the safety ratings and certificates of the helmet. Oh, you thought looking at the quality of the crown of the helmet is enough? No, it’s not. It’s the least you could do for a helmet. You must look at the whole design of the helmet. Even the structure of the chin and its quality could matter a lot. For just one silly design fault your life shouldn’t be in danger.

Materials of the helmet

This part belongs to the protection part. Because when the materials are top-notch quality it ensures your protection. Do you feel insecure about the helmet? Does Seeing all details still makes you nervous? Then you must see the materials helmet is made with. From the shell to foam to padding everything has different grades of materials. The shell can be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or composite. It’s on you what you want to choose. Another important part is the manufacturing system. It matters a lot that how the helmet was made. Hand-made product is always the best and in a matter of helmet, it’s also the same.

Features of the helmet

What does a helmet do? Protecting your head is the simplest answer that best motorcycle helmets can confidently say. It’s the purpose of the helmet to protect the head. But is the helmet smart like the new helmets? These new generation helmets have a built-in Bluetooth system that you can communicate with friends when you are riding far from a city. Some amenities make your life easier if you have that specific need for that feature. The removable beaks and drop-down visor are some new features to look out for if you need these.

Good hardware

While looking for the safety codes and the new technology features we forgot the main part. Good hardware will keep your brain safe from being smashed. Then why do we often neglect it and go after features? Not just safety, when a helmet is made of good material you will even feel comfortable wearing it. You can research on helmet’s visor pivot mechanism and see for yourself there are good ones and bad ones as well. Cheap ones will break easily, who knows maybe a drop from your hand could make it unsafe. Also, check if the helmet is pin lock ready if it is available in tined versions and anti-fogging if you live in wintery areas. All these make a helmet worth buying.

Closure system

There are multiple closure systems for helmets. There are fid locks, ratcheting chin-straps, and the good old double D- ring lock closure system. To be more cautious you should check if the helmet has an emergency removal system. This is crucial as after the accident your first responders should be able to remove the helmet without moving your neck or spine. This sounds too scary and overthinking. But trust me, one day it may prove to be saving your life.

The fitting

To be able to do their job, helmets need to have the perfect fitting. Did you buy your past helmet with proper fitting? If the answer is no, go thank God for saving you. But do it no more. There are varieties of sizes available for the helmets. Some brands have XXS, XS, S, M,L, XL and XXL. There is also 1,2,3,4,5 shell size. These ensure better fitting and that means you get more protection. If you have a very unique head size then you may have to customize it for you.


One thing that is a must when it comes to home and helmet, is that is ventilation. The helmet should have the best ventilation for a comfortable ride. The thick pad can make anyone uncomfortable while riding the bike. if you are in a hot region a well-ventilated helmet is the best thing you could use. Some helmets have a feature that keeps the visor from fogging. When you find a high-end helmet your requirements all will be fulfilled.


You might be thinking why weight matters. You will realize that weight matters. How? When the weight is too much you can not wear it comfortably. You are too busy dealing with the helmet, not the roads.


Sound is not a must-have thing if you are on a budget. The sound control system will bring some joy to your life.


One of the most important yet avoided factors while buying motorcycle helmets is noise cancellation. However, safety is the most important factor, and that should not be overlooked in any condition. In this article, we have shared the best 3 motorcycle helmets in the market.


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