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7 Best Vintage Style Motorcycle Helmets Review & Buying Guide




If you are a biker and also a sucker for vintage-style items then you probably thought of vintage-style helmets. Well, there are a lot of helmets all around the world. Most of them are for the safety of humans in the motorcycle world.

However, finding stylish ones in the market is tough. Especially, those which have a vintage look on them. Not all are attracted to a vintage look but if you are here then certainly you love the vintage items. A rider always looks for good-quality full face helmets or half-face ones no matter what. A vintage motorcycle helmet will not only allow you to look cool but also provide you with good safety. We are here to make things easier for you, so you may not have to stroll around the market all by yourself alongside riding gear.

7 best vintage style motorcycle helmets

It is always tough to find the perfect helmet within thousands. So no worries as we are here with 7 of the best choices you can have in the market. These helmets emphasize a pure hardcore vintage motorcycle helmet look. Well, not the best safety ones but sure to be very good-looking and moderate safe. Those are:

1. Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review

Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review - PickYourHelmet

Technical features:

  • Helmet Style: Vintage open-face helmet.
  • Brand: Bell
  • Model: Bell Eliminator Helmet
  • Material: Fiberglass shell and leather
  • Certification: Dot Approved. Meets The Fmvss 218 Standard
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling

Helmet Price

If you are aware of motorcycle helmets then you must have heard the name bell as it is one of the most popular helmet companies all over the world. Mostly popular among the USA and Europe, Bell helmets company knows every ins and outs of this industry.

Moreover, they have a great record of creating one of the best-looking helmets for decades and they are great at showing it. Thanks to their use of high-quality materials and history people trust this brand without a doubt. On the hand of this helmet, it is unique in its own trait because it is a half helmet. As you see, this design of the low profile composite shell helmet came from a long time ago, and from the start of the use of helmets, I have seen these designs. It is a classic look of the helmet and the materials are top-notch on the level of current ones.

As it is an open-face helmet the rider must use glasses or can attach a visor if necessary. As it is an open-face helmet, ventilation will be no question at all. They use genuine leather that improves safety standards using eps foam. It also comes with different types of windshields such as bubble ones and flat ones. If you are wearing gloves it will make a great look on you. It has a comfort liner among the removable cheek pads.


  • The design resembles the helmets of the late 60s and 70s.
  • The outer shell is made of a fiberglass composite shell which is durable.
  • Lightweight and also has chin bar,
  • Comes with different types of shields.


  • No noise cancelation can be possible and no sun visor is available for this motorcycle helmet.
  • It does not come with full face helmet features

2. TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet-Style Review

TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet-Style Review - PickYourHelmet

Technical features:

  • Helmet Style: Vintage open-face helmet.
  • Brand: TORC
  • Model: TORC T1 Unisex-Adult
  • Material: Fiberglass and leather
  • Certification: Certification: Dot certification & ECE 22. 5 approved safety technology
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycling

Helmet Price

If you are into retro helmets then this one may be the one you are looking for. Well, this helmet checks all the boxes for a rider as it is a full-face helmet with a strong shield on it. The design itself is pretty unique and there were a lot of companies long back before who were making this sort of helmet. It goes into the premium helmet segment and comes as dot certified.

Moreover, the design makes a great impression and shows its vintage route. It comes with a fiberglass tri-composite shell alongside a plastic coating all over it. The shield is clear with a scratch-resistant coating. It makes full face helmets more likable and enjoyable to wear. If you are worried about comfort then you should know that this one has unique leather padding that will keep you warm on cold days. A retro motorcycle helmet is nothing new but always exclusive. It also comes with hidden ventilation system.

The vents are perfectly active which allows a decent wind blow that will cool the entire helmet. It is enough to keep a good wind flow on your face and keep your hair dry in the heated summer season. In the case of the brand value, you can already figure it out. TORC is nothing new in this industry and they have a long history of making world-class products.


  • Unique and retro design with comfortable paddings.
  • Fiberglass tri-composite shell
  • Lightweight and dot certified,
  • Comes with different anti-fog & anti-scratch shields and a bubble visor which is a removable visor.


  • No quick-release buckles and can hear wind noise.

3. NTNK N325 Urban SOXON Open-Face-Helmet Review

 NTNK N325 Urban SOXON Open-Face-Helmet Review - PickYourHelmet

Technical features:

  • Helmet Style: Vintage open-face helmet.
  • Brand: SOXON
  • Model: SP-325 URBAN GREEN – XS
  • Material: ABS and fiber
  • Certification: Certification: Dot certification & ECE 22. 5 approved safety technology
  • Vehicle Service Type: Riding, Protection, Biking

Helmet Price

It may not be the oldest company that has been producing helmets but it is not half bad. This helmet resembles the designs of one of the very first commercially used helmets. It also provides a feeling of being a pilot as the pilots also used to wear these ones.

NTNK N325 Urban SOXON Open-Face-Helmet2Don’t think it is a cheap copy as it has good quality material alongside perfect build quality. The paddings are removable and can be washed easily. Moreover, you can also change the shield by unscrewing it. You can also find various places that it fits perfectly as the design resembles vintage helmets. The outer shell is anti scratch treatment.

The unique color combination and design provide an authentic vintage feeling with a great showcase. You can use this helmet for everyday purposes and also touring as it can acquire modern features. It is great for summer use and you will find no complication washing this helmet thanks to synthetic leather. If you are worried about dust, you can always wear a mask and bandanna while riding your motorcycle. The unique patterns make it perfect for someone who wants to showcase personality.


  • Pilot helmet design,
  • High-quality ABS shell,
  • Lightweight,
  • It comes with quick-release buckles.


  • It does not come with a full shield.

4. GDM REBEL Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Retro Full Face Review

GDM REBEL Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Retro Full Face Review - PickYourHelmet

Technical features:

  • Helmet Style: Vintage full-face helmet
  • Brand: GDM
  • Model: ‎REBEL
  • Material: Injection-molded ABS outer shell
  • Certification: Certification: Dot certification & ECE 22. 5 approved safety technology
  • Vehicle Service Type: Sport Bike, Street Bike, ATV, Chopper, Cruiser, Scooter, Snowmobile, Dirt Bike, Mountain Bike, Off-Road Bike

Helmet Price

Here is another helmet that is full face but provides the exact look that you are craving. It looks perfectly built for those who are searching for vintage-looking helmets. It comes with a big shell and aerodynamic design alongside vents. The matte color and design angle provide it a smooth look while the rider is wearing it. however, it does not come face shield.

GDM REBEL Vintage Motorcycle Helmet Retro Full Face 2The design of the visor attachment and the shield panel look retro and provides the original look that helmets of the previous era had. It is comfortable and spacious so you will not feel suffocated. However, spacious does not mean it will not be a snug fit as the retro helmet will provide you with a snug fit. The fabric used inside is very soft and even though it is fabric. your skin will not burn due to moisture wicking.

The helmet company is pretty popular among the café racer-type generation. Most of the vintage helmets have a very classy and attractive look to them. You can easily use it and make yourself feel like wearing a vintage style motorcycle helmet. It may not be the vintage helmet you are looking for but it will surely provide you a feel of that look.


  • Comes with an attractive dirt helmet look with vintage feels
  • Good quality materials both inside and outside
  • Lightweight,
  • It comes with a Double D-ring padded chin strap


  • It does not come with a shield; you have to buy it separately moreover, it does not have sun visor

5. Leather Brown Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Garman Style Half Helmets

Leather Brown Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Garman Style Half Helmets Review - PickYourHelmet

Technical features:

  • Helmet Style: Vintage half face helmet
  • Brand: HANMEI
  • Item Weight: ‎1.8 pounds
  • Material: ABS outer shell
  • Certification: Certification: Dot certification & ECE 22. 5 approved safety technology
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle, Cafe racer

Helmet Price

If you have ever seen any old videos of bike and bike riders then you must have seen helmets like this one. Well, if we speak technically then this one is an open-face helmet. It may not provide the best of the safety features but it will surely provide you the look you are desiring. Great quality leather lining with perfect matching colors, you will look fabulous while wearing it.

Vintage half face helmetMainly due to the design of this helmet, it provides original retro helmets look. You will find it looks exactly the same as the ones that people used to wear. This one has great quality fabric inside so, you will feel no itching or any kind of rashes. It also has good-quality goggles that will not fade or get scratches easily.

The shell of the helmet is strong and can hold a generous amount of weight or can take the pressure. However, it is not for highways as it is still an open-face helmet. The best use of this one would be on the summer days and rainy days. You can easily enjoy this helmet and ride with your beloved motorcycle without any fear.


  • It comes with a detachable 4 season ear muffle,
  • One of the pioneer designs of helmets
  • Lightweight only ‎1.8 pounds,
  • It comes with a one-touch buckle and eps liner


  • It does not provide whole lotta safety

6. Woljay Leather Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Half Helmets

Woljay Leather Motorcycle Goggles Vintage Half Helmets - PickYourHelmet

Technical features:

  • Helmet Style: Vintage open-face helmet.
  • Brand: Woljay
  • Material: ABS outer helmet shell, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Certification: Not approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle, Cafe racer, cruisers

Helmet Price

If you are looking for something easy to wear and for short rides then here is a helmet for you. It perfectly resembles what you are looking for and provides great quality fit to the head alongside comfort. You will have no complications using this unique retro helmet.

Moreover, the entire unit has great build quality, and the materials used are top-notch. The inside or inner of the helmet is comfortable and you will not feel numbness or shoulder pain after long rides. The goggles provide uninterrupted vision while driving at high speed.

If you are familiar with world wartime, or movies that relate to that certain time, then you must know the design. It is different and does provide the best vintage look that a sucker for vintage items might want. In the case of the value then we think it is a very good example for all.


  • It comes with a detachable ear muffle,
  • Comes with the design of the revelation era of helmets
  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Lightweight and head safe,
  • It comes with a one-touch buckle.


  • It does not contain authentic leather rather it comes with artificial leather

7. Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet - PickYourHelmet

Technical features:

  • Helmet Style: Classic half face helmet
  • Brand: Royal
  • Material: ABS outer shell
  • Certification: DOT approve
  • Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle, Café racers

Helmet Price

If you are looking for a classical helmet that will enhance your personality alongside your look and style then this is the one you should get. Well, it comes with matte color and plain finish. The design shows a classic round shape design with polished face shields. The entire helmet is a package and does not contain any cheap material. The interior lining is very good and does not show any lackings.

Royal M139 Open Face Motorcycle HelmetYou will find it fit perfectly on your head as the design and the fabric inside are well maintained. Moreover, if you look at the structure it represents the helmets of the ’80s and ’90s. The helmet itself has dot certifications and the visor is anti-scratch. It looks great on any kind of vehicle no matter what you are driving you can wear it.

Especially if you have a classical bike then it will become an entire package for you. The company that makes these retro motorcycle helmets also make different helmets like this one and they are professional at making classically designed motorcycle helmets. Moreover, they are quite popular for their boutique craftsmanship. Their products are high in quality with the best available materials in the market. It will undoubtedly provide you with the most safety that a half-face helmet can provide.


  • It comes with UV protection, anti-fog face shields,
  • One of the best-looking classic helmets,
  • Lightweight with only ‎ ‎3.34 pounds,
  • It comes with classic double d ring fasteners,
  • The helmet also has three removable liners and those are machine washable,


  • Double D ring is a little hard to use and the chin strap remains hard.

Buying guide for vintage style motorcycle helmets

Nothing can beat a good-looking helmet with the quality and look alongside riding gear. Moreover, you were here to find the best suitable vintage-style helmet. We have already provided you a list that consists of the top 7 best-rated vintage style helmets. However, you can not buy a helmet just by looking at it. You have to know how to buy it to avoid unwanted situations. Here is a guide for you:

Quality of the material: In the case of helmets, try to prefer the best material as the looks are not only the thing you should focus on. Because it is here to save your head in case of emergencies or crashes. If you cheap out on the materials or ignore the materials then you can find yourself in a risky position. The chin strap of low-quality helmets is weak So, stay determined and try to figure out the best material. Fiberglass and ABS shells are very popular and both are good for helmets.

Try to choose a comfortable helmet: No matter what you do with your helmet, in the end, it will remain on your head. Nothing can change the fact that you need a comfortable one, because without being comfortable you can not enjoy your ride. Moreover, if you don’t wear the one you’re comfortable with may cause irritation and pain in your head.

Certifications: See, if your choice of helmet comes with certifications. As there are many certifications such as DOT, ECE, and ISI. There are also some standard certifications that come from different countries. Don’t forget about it as it is very important.

Fitting: Never buy a loose helmet as it can get out of your head while you crash. It can also hurt inside your face also. So, to avoid those situations you must always find a helmet that has a snug fit. It will keep the helmet attached to your face and avoid internal injuries.

Frequently asked questions for vintage motorcycle helmets

How to get the perfect size helmet?

Answer: Well, it depends on companies, however, there are few sizes that are universal and those are: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, and XXXL shell sizes. It is not just an item but it is a necessity and some of them also come with internal speaker pockets.

Does every helmet come with an integrated sun visor?

Answer: No, not all helmet comes with integrated sun visor. Most of them are face shields that you have to buy separately.

Is the double d retention system good for helmet?

Answer: If you think about helmet safety then classic double d ring type is the best. As it will not fail and won’t come out. The helmet’s body is something that needs to be attached to your head.

Is a heavy helmet good?

Answer: The weight of the helmet does not determine if it is good or bad. Because the material is the thing you should focus on rather than the weight. It does not matter if it is modern helmets or old ones. the main item is the material.

What are DOT and ECE certifications?

Answer: Well, DOT is the standard certification for helmets in The USA. It means the Department of Transportation of the USA and ECE is the standard certification for helmets for Europe. It stands for European approval of the minimum safety requirements of a motorcycle (or scooter) helmet. Both dot and ece are important for riders to remember.

Are our vintage motorcycle helmets safe?

Be it sun, dust, or annoying traffic noise. Vintage motorcycle helmets will give you all the protection you need while riding. And don’t miss the vintage charm it adds to your look. But is it able to protect you? For that, you have to decide what you want? A vintage-style helmet or a used vintage helmet? A vintage-style brand new helmet will be cool. It will protect your head and have good features like air vents and all.


A used vintage helmet isn’t safe. That’s because helmets do break. But we can’t see it. When an accident takes place the outer and inner shell cracks and gives protection by cushioning your head. So a helmet can survive only one accident. After every accident, you must buy a new helmet. It’s better to check a helmet that has fallen from four feet height to be sure.


Another thing we may not have noticed about helmets is that it expires. Yeah, you read it right. The helmet has expiry dates. A helmet made of polycarbonate can go up to four years. And composite helmets go up to six to seven years. When you are buying a new helmet check the manufactured date. So a used helmet is literally out of the table you see.

New technologies

Seeing the expiry date you may think ok I can buy a helmet that has been used for two years. But helmets get worn out. New technologies are coming every day. So it’s not a good idea to buy used vintage helmets. But you can try a helmet that’s vintage style.

Do half helmets protect you?

Wouldn’t it be so much fun if you didn’t have to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle? The wind in your face. The freedom and comfort of air are something else. But fear of accident can make it all go away. Those who don’t want a helmet on their face can try the half helmet. But does it protect you from deadly accidents? Let’s see.

Not safe

When you wear a half helmet a big portion of your head isn’t protected at all. You only can be safe from a brain injury and that’s also happened 36% time. Don’t forget the traumatizing face injury you may have to wear this half helmet.

Does not protect from bad weather

Besides, you are not protected from dust, rain, and snow. Is only airflow enough for you? Think about it then buy a half helmet.

Buy only if you ride Short distance

If you are a very experienced rider you may think of buying a half helmet. We would suggest that if you have a very short distance to ride then buy a half helmet. It will be comfortable to a small distance and you can enjoy the ride. A little amount of protection can save you from injuries.

How tight should a helmet fit?

According to the manufacturers of helmets, it should be a snug fit around the head. It should not come off easily or should not sit tightly on the head. To understand that you have to buy it after trying it out at a physical store. Remember that a helmet loosens up after it’s been worn for a while. So you have to keep that in mind too.

What if it’s too tight?

If you already have a helmet that’s too tight you might have to decide what to do with it. Because a helmet should never fit too tight. Because when it is supposed to save you from the accident it may hurt you instead of saving. The tightness can cause friction and that’s dangerous.

What if it’s too loose?

When there is an accident you can lose balance and lose the helmet. And the rest isn’t something pleasant. So keep the helmet in comfortable tightness.

Helmet fit check

  • The cheek pads should be directly on your cheek
  • The face shield should not come to your chin or nose
  • The neck roll should feel comfortable not sit firmly against the neck
  • The pressure points should feel comfortable, not too loose not too tight
  • When you fasten the chin strap it should not move
  • Forehead and brow pads should not have room between them
  • When you wear the helmet fastening the chin strap it should not come off or make a red mark on your forehead

Why do we use vintage-style motorcycle helmets?

The vintage motorcycle helmet is a tribute to the 20’s style. It’s a style statement and gives a retro look. A full-face vintage-style motorcycle helmet is what we recommend. But why? Let’s see down below why you should use a vintage-style helmet.

No compromise on safety or style

Are you thinking of buying a vintage helmet? But not sure about safety? If you buy a full-face vintage helmet you sign up for full safety from an accident. It does look stylish but there is no compromise on safety. There are new technologies that make the helmet a solid and good fit. Such as metal mesh intake, contoured cheek pad, or exhaust vent these ensure good fit and comfort.


We have figured out the best possible vintage motorcycle helmets that you can buy now in the market and these all meet the best requirements. You can see all of them have good reviews and are very attractive. Most of those are used for touring and they provide a vintage look.

You can also follow the buying guide for helmets in order to get the best quality ones. It is because there are a lot of cheap products available in the market and it is very hard to find a good one such as advanced composite fiber. Moreover, carbon fiber ones are hard to get. So, don’t gamble as your head is the main part of your body. Remember to follow the buying guide and also see the certification.


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