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Looking for a lightweight carbon fiber motorcycle helmets




Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets have a significant weight advantage. They are the lightest commercially made helmets, weighing up to 1,000 grams depending on height. They’re about half the weight of any other big or extra-large helmet you’ve tried.

Are you new to motorcycle riding or just started your journey and look for ways to improve somehow your motorcycle riding like a professional? You must understand the importance of head protection while you are riding with carbon fiber motorcycle helmets. One of the most common factors among experienced motorcyclists is using the best quality motorcycle helmets for their perfect riding.

Why Buy Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets?

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are very light, but also extremely stiff, thus reducing fatigue. It also relieves injuries to the neck and skull caused by the constant extra weight; You can adjust the chin strap to keep your head in the entrance cavity without altering the weight distribution, that is, 45g at the front and 55g at the rear. Helmets is worn by 99 percent of motorcyclists observed in states with mandatory helmet rules.

Because of how light they are, they allow for easier side-to-side movements, which can help the rider or motorcyclist to perform a perimeter check around them more easily. The decrease in mass is claimed to make the hull safer, as centrifugal forces would be reduced in the event of a collision.

They come lined with thin and very minimalist padding, but with a surprisingly luxurious feel and considering the low weight of the helmet, the complete package provides very comfortable use, which lends itself a lot to reduce rider fatigue; as such this helmet can be used for long trips. Prices updated in April 2021.

Choosing a Cheap Carbon Fiber Helmet

With its extreme resistance to aerodynamic lift, you can travel at high speeds without losing your balance, up to approximately 170 km / h, so you can turn to check your blind spot without too much turbulence. Provides a healthy air stream that makes your journey perfect for summer.

Carbon fiber helmets feature a lightweight shell, an integrated ventilation system with channels recessed directly into the shell for maximum airflow, and a customizable inner liner that conforms to the shape of your head, for a perfect fit.

If you are a beginner or experienced rider or motorcyclist, feel free to use these helmets, they are the best on the market. Therefore, move around in complete safety.

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Among the advantages of using Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets is the fact that they are endowed with a certain flex. This feature facilitates energy absorption in impact situations.

It is important to note that carbon fiber is the material that is used in the manufacture of these elements and that they provide certain resistance characteristics. However, other elements such as fiberglass layers are also included, in order to obtain the desired result.

The methodology used by the different brands that make carbon fiber-based helmets is through the fabric. The union allows creating forces sustained in two planes. Within the process, the placement of a resin with the idea of ​​providing a three-dimensional force is essential. The more layers used in the product, the greater the resistance.

The disadvantage of Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets

Carbon fiber motorcycle helmets are accessories for motorcyclists that have become very popular in the last decade since it gives the possibility of obtaining more resistant and lightweight helmets for the skull.

Carbon fiber is a synthetic material, made from polyacrylonitrile, which is used by the automotive industries and to make resistant accessories for workers such as industrial helmets.

Carbon fiber began to be used when it offers a stronger and lighter helmet. One of the biggest disadvantages that people semes it is very heavy and uncomfortable when buying a helmet. This can eventually lead to cervical problems, headaches, and consequently impaired posture, not to mention that riding your motorcycle will become somewhat tiring.

Modular Carbon Fiber Helmet is more dynamic

As mentioned before carbon fiber is used to make cars because carbon fiber is 3 times lighter and offers more safety. Helmet makers did not overlook the properties of this material and put to manufacture carbon fiber motorcycle helmets to test their potential.

As a result, they obtained stronger and lighter helmets, in addition, carbon fiber does not limit helmets in terms of shape and design, as it adapts to make all kinds of full-face and semi-full-face motorcycle helmets, Cross helmets, jet helmets, and more.

Types of Carbon Fiber Designs

For users who are focused on the issue of safety when choosing their helmets. They should take into account that it is the ideal investment, that is, one that is based on resistant materials such as carbon fiber and that also have distinctive models, a particular design of its structure, low weight and that reduces vibrations.

In the case of the “seventy-five yellow” model, from the DMD brand, its characteristic is that its cover is made of carbon Kevlar. Considered as a full face, this helmet stands out because its internal structure has the peculiarity that it allows its easy and quick removal for cleaning and to reinstall it again. To improve user support, it has a strap with double ring closure.

With the Serio, style is Origin Helmets, a product catalog as a Carbon Fiber Jet Helmet. Among its properties it is found that it has a double shell; the outer shell is distinguished by being made of carbon fiber. In addition, it has a micrometric retention system as well as a sun visor.

Characteristics of Carbon Fiber Helmets

To choose an adequate safety element such as Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets, it must be checked that the model has complied with the minimum safety mechanisms.

In addition, it is important that it has a solid structure made of carbon fibers, that they weigh less than a kilo and a half, adequate ventilation and that inside it offers all the comfort that users need.

Why Motorcyclists Choose Carbon Fiber Helmets

Motorcycle addicts and lovers are always looking for a way to be more comfortable and safer on them. The best way to achieve this is to take care of your face and head, and the only indicated for such a difficult task is the helmets. There are two more well-known types of materials or fibers of which they are composed, and it is glass and carbon.

Between these two they tend to opt mostly for carbon regardless of whether it is a modular or full-face helmet, not because the glass one is bad, since it provides flexibility and resistance. But that it is heavier than the carbon one and provides less security to the driver as the weight can cause fatigue.

Therefore, the alignment of the two makes carbon fiber motorcycle helmets the most popular motorcycle helmet types chosen by drivers.

What protection does a carbon fiber helmet offer us?

After lasting tests, maximum quality of resistance and comfort is reached thanks to the carbon fiber in the helmets. For this reason, it is a helmet that offers all its motorcycle riders good protection. So they remain very safe thanks to the fact that the constitution of these helmets has saved many lives.

 Characteristics of both integral and modular carbon hulls

  • These helmets are adjustable even for a woman’s head.
  • They have an antibacterial lining, which keeps the hair sanitized.
  • It has an anti-scratch screen that allows you to obtain an improved viewing angle.
  • Moisture expulsion makes it dry faster.
  • It has lovely designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many centimeters are each available size?

Size XS between 53 and 54; size S between 55 and 56; the M between 57 and 58; the L between 59 and 60; the XL between 61 and 62; and finally, the XXL between 63 and 64 centimeters.

Is it ECE certified or properly homologated?

Normally all helmets sold on Amazon are correctly approved. It would be very rare to find one that is not, really.

Is this type of helmet durable?

If you take good care of it, obviously yes. However, it is not in poor condition: it is generally quite resistant.


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