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Decals on Motorcycle helmets- A simple guide




Is your motorcycle everything to you? Do you take care of it more than any other possessions? Then decals will be your thing. Decorating the motorcycle helmets with decals make the helmet cooler. It also makes the helmet look like a premium one.

Are you thinking of getting decals for making the coolest motorcycle helmet? Here is an easy guide to understand decals better. Let’s discuss decals so that you can beautify your helmet.

What is a decal?

Decals are usually made of plastic, vinyl, or ceramic. It’s like an adhesive sticker that can stick to metal things like motorcycle helmets. Helmet users use this to decorate their simple-looking helmets into a gorgeous ones. Decal makes the helmet look like a sports biker’s helmet.

Things to consider before buying decals for motorcycle helmet

Match color with helmet

Decal beautifies the helmet. If the color of the helmet does not match with the decal it will not beautify the helmet. In fact, it will look weird to the eyes. If you like contrasting colors you can do that too. The aim is to make the helmet look nice and shiny.

Match size and shape

There are decals of many sizes and shapes in the market. Before you buy yours check the measurements of your motorcycle helmet. And then buy the decal accordingly. It will save you time and money. There are different types of the decal. All decals do not match the helmets. So when you buy try to find the best match for your helmet.

The price range for decals

You may think that you don’t have to spend too much o just on a decal. It’s just an adhesive so cheap ones will do. True, only 3 to 5 dollars can get you funky decals to use on the helmet. But it has a cheap adhesive that does not come off easily when you try to remove it. And then you need chemicals to remove those adhesive marks from the helmet. Here it destroys the longevity of the helmet.

So what’s the outcome? For saving some dollars you will end up ruining your expensive helmet and compromise with safety. Don’t be like that. Try a little more pricey decals that are above 14 dollars. Those will be better for your helmet. And it does not make the helmet look cheap as well. There is no guarantee an expensive decal will be the best. You can check reviews for the decals you like and then decide on something.

Shop from a good manufacturer

A renowned manufacturer can make sure that their product is the best. And they provide you with the best of course. As there is safety related to the helmet it’s better to buy from renowned manufacturers. It will save you from being in trouble I promise.

FAQ about sticking decals to motorcycle helmet

Is it safe to put decals in the motorcycle helmet?

– Yes it is generally safe to use a decal whether it’s a sticker or vinyl cutout on a motorcycle helmet. Some stick it to their helmet to make it visible to others when it gets dark. Some just love to decorate their helmet.

Is there any law that controls anything related to decals?

– No, there are no specific things that say decals are illegal. But there are some things that you have to maintain your own safety. Your helmet comes with the sign of DOT, ECE, or SNELL. Do not put decals on these signs. You are not supposed to do anything with those signs. If you do then it loses the safety protocols that make the helmet legal in the US.

Does decal harm the construction of motorcycle helmets?

– There is a very low risk of damage that comes with a decal. In fact, there is none. It’s just a sticker that sticks firmly as a decorative thing to your helmet. The adhesive cannot break down the normal functionality of your helmet. But do not make the mistake of putting decals on your helmet where there are vents and visors. You are going to regret it when you ride the vehicle as you will not be able to breathe.

Is there any potential safety threat?

Decals are just decorative stuff. There is no potential risk related to this. There can be some risks if you use the decal to fix any broken parts. Also putting the decal on places that can block your vision is dangerous. If you remove the decal that can also be risky as using harsh chemicals to remove the adhesive can break down the chemicals of the helmet. And it can make the helmet unsafe.

Can I use a car decal in my motorcycle helmet?

Yes, of course, you can use a car decal for a motorcycle helmet. Car decals are mostly better than those for the helmets. But installing should be perfect. You may have to spend some extra money on car decals.

Final thoughts

Decals are a fun way to make your helmet look different. As you ride in the road with the helmet on, the decal is the only way to make your personality shine. So don’t hold back when it comes to your choice about decals. But don’t buy something that has profanity or it can cause trouble with the traffic police. There are different types of decals for men and women. So choose accordingly and then install it to the helmet. Enjoy your ride to the fullest and be safe.


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