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Difference between full face and half face motorcycle helmet




When you came into the world of motorcycles which was the first thing that came to your mind? To me, it was a helmet. Because everyone knows safety issues are sensitive when you are riding a motorcycle. Once you get the motorcycle of your dream you think about a helmet as well. There are different types of helmets out there. Which one will be the best according to your preference? We will talk about everything about the full-face and half-face helmets.

What is a full-face helmet?

The helmet that covers the whole head and neck is a full-face helmet. It is the safest helmet type out there. If you get one of these your safety will not be a worry anymore. Versatile riders can wear this helmet on every type of road. It’s going to be safe everywhere. Some small rides to the work can feel a little too much.

Design and features of a full-face helmet

Do you want me to point out just one thing about a full-face helmet that makes it more special than others? It’s the chin bar that makes all the difference. Fifty percent impact is absorbed by the chin bar in case of an accident. And now you know why a full-face helmet is the safest helmet out there.

Full-face helmets have crown vents and several other vents that pass hot air out and bring cool air inside. For colder months you can close those vents. There are some other features in the helmet that includes Bluetooth technology an adjustable visor and high visibility design.

What is a half-face helmet?

A half-face helmet is fully opposite to what a full-face helmet is. It covers half of the face. From the forehead brow and the whole head. That’s it. Some of the companies give a little more protection to the ear and neck but the face is always exposed. So you know that the safety is minimal with this helmet.

The best thing about half face helmet is that you get great airflow. It’s amazing to ride the city with this much airflow. You will never feel too hot. There are still some DOT-approved half helmets you can try those out.

Design and features of half helmet

As half helmet doesn’t come with a visor or face shield you have to buy goggles or riding glasses. Without one of these, you will not be able to ride your motorcycle. There isn’t much area for implementing any features in the half helmets. As there is no space for that. The helmet is just one big hat and that’s it. Another type of helmet has Bluetooth in it to keep fellow riders connected. There is nothing like that in half helmets.

Full-face and half-face helmets, which one should be used in what situation?

There are several factors that we must consider before getting a certain type of helmet. And those factors will decide whether you need a full-face or half-face helmet. Here are some of the factors to consider before deciding on a full-face or a half-face helmet.


It may not cross your mind to consider the weather before buying a helmet. It’s okay we all learn from mistakes. But you don’t want to learn it the hard way when it’s summer and you are wearing your full-face helmet. Don’t get me wrong, a full-face helmet is quite good for the safety it ensures. But does it give enough ventilation? That’s a tricky question no helmet manufacturer will answer. Because a full-face helmet can wear you out in the summer when it’s almost a hundred degrees Fahrenheit. If you are from a country where summer is the half of the year you shouldn’t consider a full-face helmet. On the other hand, for those who get winter most of the year, the full-face helmet will be great. Getting half face helmet can give you some frostbite for sure.


What’s the purpose of buying your motorcycle? Are you doing this to ride around the town or go on a road trip? Or it’s just strictly for going to work? If you are going to work with a motorcycle and the workplace is nearby then a half-face helmet will
be great. You don’t have to sizzle in the sun when it’s summer in the middle of traffic. If you plan to go on road trips or long roads by motorcycle you must consider getting the best full-face motorcycle helmet. Long ways require more speed and more speed means more possibilities of accidents.


Comfort is the least of the concern if you think about safety. Full face helmet may not be the most comfortable helmet ever but it’s going to save your head from getting smashed. If there is no such risk where you will ride then it’s okay to emphasize comfort. And that you will get from the half-face helmet. half face helmet has no chin bar so you won’t feel claustrophobic. All the air will be on your face when you ride.

Other convinience

For frequent riders who ride around the city, half face helmet will have a soft corner. When you go to the gas station you do not need to remove the entire helmet. your face is already visible to people. For a full-face helmet, it’s not the same. They have to lift their helmet to talk to people or traffic police. Again, these problems will be nothing in front of safety concerns. You obviously should go for a full face helmet if there is any safety issue that you will be facing on the road. Meanwhile, those who don’t have these problems can enjoy extra air coming to their face.

Final thoughts:

Selecting helmets can be a tiring job. Especially when you have so many options for you. But you have to choose one or two according to your preferences and riding style. Always emphasize your safety and comfort. And you will get the best one for sure.


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