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How to choose the best Women’s Motorcycle helmet?




Why should boys have all the fun on the road? The time when only men used to ride a motorcycle has gone. Women riding a motorcycle is not a strange sight anymore. And that is mostly because it’s more convenient than looking for vehicles. But safety comes first no matter what. Maintaining a safety helmet is the first thing to talk about. Before buying a helmet know about the materials of the helmet. Because breathability brings comfort. Go for a test drive if you are not sure at first sight. Let’s talk about more how you will find the best women’s motorcycle helmet.

Know about the types of helmets 

Have you ever just bought whatever helmet the salesman showed you? Because you do not know your preference you just bought one to get out of the shop. And that cost you a hole in the purse? Knowing about all types of helmets will open your door to different helmet options. You will be able to choose the best women’s motorcycle helmet according to your comfort, style, and preference. So no more unnecessary expenses. Let’s know about three types of helmets.                                   

Full face helmet

LS2 Helmets Rapid Street Full Face Motorcycle HelmetFull-face helmets are the traditional helmets that we see all the time. It covers the head as well as the chin area. It’s usually designed for men. But there is a mostly unisex design available. Full face helmets have a visor in the front. The visor is useful to protect your face and head from debris. You know how bad the dust and debris can get in the cities. If you get sunburned easily full-face helmet will protect you from that. Here are some more pros and cons for a better idea of a full-face helmet.


  • You’ll get the option in price range as there are affordable and pricey full-face helmets available
  • You’ll get your full face covered, so minimal chance of injury in case of an accident


  • Makes the head look bigger than usual
  • The designs don’t look appealing

Open face helmet

Do you prefer comfort over anything? Or are you claustrophobic? Then this open-face helmet might be your best friend. Unlike the full-face helmet, this one does not have a chin area. So there is more room for comfort when you use this. It will not suffocate you. Summer rides might not be as fun as they should be for heat. You may get sunburned. Try an open-face helmet in winter and feel the difference when the air hits your hairHere are some more pros and cons


  • Design-wise it’s the coolest looking helmets lightweight, so it is comfortable to wear
  • If you are on a tight budget this is the one for you


  • Wind may annoy you and cause some damage to your eye makeup in the rain
  • If you fall directly on your face you have no protection
  • You may have sunburn

Modular helmet

YEMA YM-925 Motorcycle Modular Full Face HelmetOpen face helmet might be pretty and all. But if you are paranoid about safety and want to ride in style then the modular helmet is the one for you. It’s great for breathability and protects the head as well. Among all the types of motorcycles, we would suggest a full-face helmet. It’s safer for the road and protects from dust. Here are some pros and cons for easy comparison.


  • You get both full and open face helmets in one. Whenever you want you can switch.
  • It reduces noise efficiently


  • Takes much to carry as its heaviest kind of helmet
  • Often it’s the most expensive helmet in the market

Before You Buy a Women Helmets: 

Now that you know your preference of helmet let’s get to the stuff you must know before buying a motorcycle helmet

It must be road legal

Yep, there are so many helmets available in the market that are just stylish but not road legal. Especially when you want to buy a helmet as a woman, they will hand you a cute helmet. But that does not meet any safety terms. If you want to protect your brain then buy tose helmets that meet road safety terms.

Noise reduction

Riding a motorbike in a busy city can cause you a major headache. nO, I am not talking about how bad traffic is. I am talking about the horns and the rushing wind. Your helmet should be able to reduce the noise. It will make your journey easier and comfortable. In the long term, you will not have any hearing problems.

Make Helmet as an investment

It might look too much to pay a good amount for just a helmet. But don’t forget that when you meet an accident, only this helmet can save your brain. So pay wisely on a good helmet. You can try out the cheaper ones and see how sturdy those are. But you must come back to invest in a good one. Expensive ones also have some cool features to try. Pop-down sunglasses and an extra air vent make the helmet comfortable to wear and you may have to pay a little extra for that. The pop-down glass makes it easier to wear glass. If you are a glass user, it will change your life forever.

The helmet must fit well

Just as you buy a dress that fits well, you must buy a helmet that fits you well. A tighter helmet may cause headache and a looser one will give no protection whatsoever. Moreover, the additional wind noise may make you go insane. Measure your head at the largest circumference and then check the right size helmet in your head size. Wear the helmet and test it before purchase for the perfect fit.

Motorcycle Helmet FAQ

What makes a motorcycle helmet comfortable?

The padding inside the helmet makes it comfortable. When you wear it, it should feel like you are not wearing anything heavy. A poorly designed and uncomfortable helmet can cling to a sensitive part of your head. It can cause headaches and pain or other issues in the long run.

Does head shape matter in buying a helmet?

Did you know? Humans have different shapes of heads. The shapes are round, earth, oval, egg, and reverse egg. You might have a more unique shape head. But helmets come in these sizes. So you have to choose from these shapes. But nowadays manufacturers invented a neutral shape for motorcycle helmets. You can try from those categories as well.

Is women’s helmet different than men’s?

Helmets come in head shapes, not in gender. The helmets in the market are adjustable. Head shape and head circumference is the main thing that manufacturers consider. If that falls in your shape it does not matter if you are a man or woman. Just adjust it according to your shape. But women’s helmets come in different colors.

What advantages do we get wearing a helmet?

One accident on the road can change your and your family’s life. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous at times. If you wear a good quality helmet, at least you will be able to protect your head.

What if I wear a wrong-sized helmet?

Wearing a wrong-sized tight helmet can cause a raw feeling in the head. In the long run, you will face extreme headaches and pain. A tight helmet also means no ventilation. Lack of ventilation can lead to a feeling of sickness. On the other hand, a loos helmet will not give you protection.

Does a motorcycle helmet cause vision problems?

No. in fact it will enhance your vision while riding the bike. As a helmet gives the most protection from dust and sunray you will see everything clearly.

Final thoughts

Voila! Now you know everything about choosing the best women’s motorcycle helmet. To sum up you can just prioritize one thing that matters the most for you.

For example, if you are claustrophobic then just buy open face helmet. But before you finalize your purchase wear the helmet and think about your preferences. Don’t buy thousands of helmets before you find the perfect one.

If I have to suggest one helmet then I would definitely suggest the modular helmet. It’s more on the flexible side. You can wear glasses and protect yourself from the sun. And when you are not in the mood just keep it open.


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