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How to measure head for motorcycle helmet




The helmet is the most critical aspect of a motorcyclist’s defense. Aside from selecting a model that appeals to our aesthetic sensibilities, we must also consider the size of the helmet. That is why we are here to tell you how to measure heads for motorcycle helmets.

We must know that all helmets are not the same, just as not all heads are the same. So, if a helmet model is fine for you in an exact size, that does not necessarily mean that another model, even of the same brand and size, fits you just as well.

We are conscious of this and that is why we ask you not only to look at the size of the helmet but once you have the helmet at home, try it on and make sure it fits correctly.  In case of doubt, it is better to change it for another size or model, than not risk serious injury in an occasional fall.

Why is it so important the size of the motorcycle helmet?

head measurementOne of the most common mistakes among motorcyclists is purchasing a motorcycle helmet of the wrong size. And is that most of the drivers value comfort over safety, which leads them to select sizes of motorcycle helmets bigger than they should.

Many people, either for comfort or because they are misinformed, select helmets in which they can insert a finger between the padding of the helmet itself and the cheek. Something that is not only wrong but also unsafe, since it is important that the helmet is perfectly tightened.

Otherwise, the helmet will tend to move extremely, to the point of rising when we reach high speeds, even coming off in the event of an impact, no matter how well we wear it fastened. In fact, if the helmet is large, the strap could break.

In addition, a helmet that is too large could cause injuries to both the head, the jaw, the nose, or the neck, without even having an accident. For all these reasons, motorcycle helmet sizing is not an issue that should be taken lightly, but it must be given the attention it deserves since it becomes our best ally when we ride on two wheels.

How to measure head for motorcycle helmet

Just like not all shoes, shirts or pants are the same, neither are motorcycle helmets. This means that although a helmet of an exact brand in size M fits you perfectly, another helmet of the same size but of a different brand could be large or small. For this reason, it is vital that, before buying a helmet, you always try it on and make sure it is the right size for your head.

When choosing motorcycle helmet sizes, the first thing you should do is measure the cranial contour, using a tape measure that rotates around your head, at a height of about two centimetres above the eyebrows, approximately. Helmet stores usually have one available.

Once you know the perfect measurement of your head, you must choose the size of the helmet based on the table of equivalences that we show you below. In case the contour of your head matches between two different sizes always chooses the lower one.

How can you measure your motorcycle helmet size without a centimetre?

We have thought about, the measuring tape is not something that everyone has at home. So, if you want to measure your motorcycle helmet size, you can download centimetre-scale online:

It is a simple centimetre, which you can print and mount at home. You must match the marks to be able to measure the size of your helmet. To prevent any failure in the measurement due to the configuration, your printer has a simple control system to verify that the measurement you print is correct.

Now that you know the size of your helmet, you can choose the style you want jet, modular, integral. Important: you must bear in mind that each manufacturer has its own motorcycle helmet size table, with which you should look for the equivalence of the size according to the centimetres that your head measures.

Motorcycle helmet size chart

Head measurement in cm. | Size | Equals…

52-53   52   XXS

53-54   54   XS

55-56   56   S

57-58   58   M

59-60   60   L

61-62   62   XL

63-64   64   XXL

How to know if you have got the size right

With these tips, you would be able to fix if your motorcycle helmet is a good size or if it is necessary to change it for another size larger or smaller.

The helmet is too big for you if:

  • If you have room to place your fingers between the helmet and the chin or between the helmet and the nape,
  • You can rotate and move it and your head does not accompany it.
  • You can take it off after you have adjusted the buckle under your chin, it also means it is too big for you.

The motorcycle helmet is a good size if:

  • When you have it on and try to move it, your head moves sideways along with the helmet.
  • You are comfortable and do not feel excessively tight in any part of the head.

Finally, we can say that the site of the helmet must be correct to keep the motorcycle safe to ride. Climbers may feel uncomfortable if the size is not right. This creates the chance of a road accident. So, we will wear the right size helmet considering our own safety and family.


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