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How to use motorcycle helmet lock




Helmets provide us with complete protection, but what about this important accessory which is most important for a biker. A helmet without which a biker may be penalize by the authorities. If the helmet goes missing or is stolen.

But it is also not comfortable to take helmet everywhere you go, like to the grocery store or a hospital. What can be done, Locks, yes helmet locks are the right solution. They are used to secure your helmet at one place and provide hands-free movement.

A common problem faced by many bikers is losing helmets or forgetting them when kept somewhere safely. Hence locks for helmets were introduced to avoid such problems.

Helmet locks are a must to have handy gadget for those who lose their helmets frequently. These locks are also a multipurpose locks to lock Bike, Bicycle, luggage and much more.

Helmet locks not only assure you to secure your helmet but also helps you to move free hand without any fear of losing one.

But where to find best helmet locks, a strong and reliable helmet lock? You are at right place to get the answer to this question.

With deep research, our team has come up with detailed information for our readers and to help them out to choose the best one. It is a Comprehensive Guide about Helmet locks for a buyer to help with. You will get complete information on these locks, types, brands available and frequently asked questions so that you decide on right product as per your requirement.

How does a helmet lock work?

Helmet lock is easy to use, convenient while in use or not and helps to secure your helmet. In order to lock your helmet, you need to simply pass the D-ring through the visor and tie with the bike itself, or tie at some secure place where the bike is parked.

A helmet locks works on a simple mechanism, attaching both ends into each other, you can lock the helmet with the help of a key or a combination of numbers as per the lock type.

When and where to use helmet locks to lock your helmet?

Helmet locks must not be used for whole day on a public place, and should only be used for securing your helmet for a few hours. Helmet lock to be used only when you are parking the bike at private or public parking, while shopping at a shopping Centre, visiting any stores or friends place etc.

You can lock your helmet at different parts of the bike, at the centre of the handlebars, the side where a ring is provided for the luggage, at the back seat of the motorbike where a small provision is provided or under the back seat. Don’t place your helmet near the ground, your helmet will catch the road dirt easily.

Types of Helmet Locks

Number Helmet Lock

The number helmet lock secures your helmet with different combinations of numbers. These Locks have three-digit or four-digit numbers to make number combination. Different types of helmet lock work with number mechanism. Although their bodies can be different.

Helmet locks have either a cable body or a strong and sturdy metallic body look like D-ring. They are safe and secure as the person must match all combinations of numbers which needs time to do.

License Plate Helmet Lock

This lock is currently a trending and innovative type of helmet lock. It is not a multipurpose lock and to be used for helmets only. They have a simple construction, one end of the license plate has a simple secure lock, and the other end of the plate is empty. To secure your helmet, pass the chin strap through the provision provided and lock it to hold the helmet. It opens only when a correct key is used.  This kind of helmet locks can be used easily for every type of helmet.

Strap Type Helmet Locks

Strap type helmet lock is a flexible helmet lock, a multipurpose helmet lock. Strap is made from nylon, and is heard to cut easily or torn apart. Yet, there is a chance of cutting the helmet lock. Hence, use this type only at secured parking’s or known places and for a shorter duration of time.

Cable Lock

Cable Helmet Locks have a cylinder at the centre to lock helmet. The cable is strong and made from steel. It comes with an additional coating layer for extra protection from damage. They are easy to use, and can easily pass through the attachments and helmet. They follow simple key mechanism and available with short and long cable as per choice or requirement.

Combination Lock

The combo lock has a D-ring with number locking and a steel cable. The steel cable can be extended for easy positioning and D-ring to hold the helmet secure. Once the helmet is attached properly, you can use the combination of numbers to lock the helmet. These helmet locks can be used for a longer duration of hours. They keep your helmet more secure than other types of locks.

Buying Guide

Material used

It is the key factor to be considered while buying a helmet lock. Your helmet lock must be cut-resistant, dust-proof, water-proof, and saw-resistant.

Lock type

We have two types of locks used in helmet locks. They are number based locks and key-based locks.

How secure is it?

The key factor to consider is security. Your helmet lock must be made from good quality material for total security.


Best helmet locks are light in weight yet bear more than 8 kg of weight. There are helmet locks available in the market that can carry two full-face helmets easily without causing any damage to helmets.

Easy to use and clean

A helmet lock must be convenient to use yet effective. It should be convenient to clean. However, they do not require much maintenance or cleaning. The only thing required is they must be cleaned regularly to keep away dust and oil them when required.


It is highly difficult to find a helmet lock that offers a warranty. If any helmet lock matches all your requirements and also the company offers a warranty, then wisely choose the product.

Helmet Locks BRANDS available in the market

  1. Wintech
  2. Pivalo
  3. SteelBird
  4. Autotrump
  6. AllExtreme
  7. BuyBack
  8. A2D
  9. eSwaraa
  10. Starvin


Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Which is the best helmet lock?

Answer –The best helmet lock available in the market is Pivalo Helmet Lock

Is combination lock a better option?

Answer –No, combination locks are less secure as compared to any other locks. Keyed locks can only be opened if you have a key that matches the lock. Combination locks can easily be opened by anyone who tries different combinations.

How to set the number lock?

Answer –Every brand that provides a number locking system provides instructions on how to set the password or how to reset it when you forgot. Few helmet locks do not have the possibility of resetting the password. In such situations, you must try every combination until you find the correct three or four-digit number that opens the lock. A few simple steps are when you receive the helmet lock first, set all the digits to ‘zero.’ The lock opens and now set different combinations of numbers, which is easy to remember. Set that number as a password to lock the helmet lock and another to unlock. Note the numbers carefully and use them whenever you require them to lock or unlock.

When to replace my helmet lock?

Answer –Replace your helmet lock when it got damaged completely. Also, replace it when the lock is not working perfectly even after oiling. It is time to replace the helmet lock when the cable is broken apart, or the cable has cut. Moreover, replace the lock when the numbering is not working perfectly, or it can be opened easily.

Does your helmet lock need any sort of maintenance?

Answer –Usually, helmet locks are low maintenance tools. Always make sure the lock must not be wet. Oiling, once in a while, will help with easy locking. Ensure that the lock is rust-free. Your helmet locks are designed to work fine in every weather condition and different temperature.


If you are reading the conclusion part, then you must be searching for a good helmet lock. We hope this deeply researched article has provided you the complete information regarding the types, a guide to buying, the necessity of helmet locks, cleaning, and usage of helmet lock.

Also, the top brands present in the market will help you to choose the right helmet lock for you.


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