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Makeup and motorcycle helmet tips




Makeup and motorcycle helmet wasn’t a talk back then. Maybe because of the stigma in society. You are riding a motorcycle? Then you must be a tomboy. You must hate makeup to get that tomboy look and then go ride a motorcycle. But nowadays it doesn’t define how a woman is by their choice of vehicle. Are you confused about the makeup thing? Yeah nobody sees your face while you are riding the motorcycle. But what about the time when you are going to reach your destination? So let’s talk about that today.

A proper skincare

Maintain a proper skincare routine religiously. Don’t know about that too? It’s cleansing, scrubbing, toning, and moisturizing. This is one of the simplest skincare regimes that you must stick to for good skin. If you maintain good skin you will see flawless makeup as well.

Be prepared for anything

As a biker, you have to be prepared for everything. The sun, dust, and wind are the simplest ones that you must be prepared for. After your skincare routine applies sunscreen must. You are not using sunscreen? Then you are ruining your skin with your hand. If you thought the sun cannot reach through the helmet you are wrong. Ultraviolet rays can reach through anything.

After sunscreen wears a good primer. Even if you are not doing a full-on makeup look primer is a must. Primer prepares the skin and makes a protective barrier in the skin so that the makeup products go inside your pores. Primer will also hold the sweat a little bit.

About the face

Want a full-face makeup look? Then go for a foundation. Otherwise, I like to use a good powder foundation to make the skin look even. A little bit of concealer before that also sounds good. Use the concealer in the darker areas like under the eyes.

About the eyes

I think eyes are the only visible thing when you wear a helmet. So you can go a little overboard with the eyes part. Winged eyeliner and mascara will give a funky look. You can wear false lashes but I wouldn’t recommend them as you will already feel uncomfortable in the helmet.

About the eyebrows

What kind of brow do you have? If you have naturally bold brows then don’t bother to do it for the trip with your motorcycle. The helmet will keep smashing against your brow a lot. And that can create a drunk look on you. So just use something that just sets your brows.

Keep some backup

If Where you are going is hot and humid it is a must that you will sweat. So wear makeup setting spray to keep everything in place. Carry the setting spray if you are on a road trip. Trust me, it will save your makeup. You can also keep some blotting paper. People with oily skin always cry a river because of the oil on their faces. The bloating paper will take that extra oil. And that’s going to make the face oil-free and fresh again.

About the Lips

I wanted to keep everything simple in the rest of the makeup. But lips are the most important as it gives a lift from 0 to a hundred to a makeup look. So choose the lips wisely. Don’t just use a tinted lip balm as it will go away with the helmet. A good matte lipstick will be great if you don’t want to smudge the helmet all over.

Final thoughts

Are you wondering that now we will give you a gimmick that will make the makeup smudge-proof? That kind of stuff is not available. A good setting spray can make things great for a time being but that’s not for the whole day. So just wear fresh makeup. Don’t go for a cakey full-on glam as it’s going to mess up anyway.


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