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Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips: From Beginner to Advanced




Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips how important are from beginner to advanced, If you think that motorcycle helmet are an unbreakable thing and it has the ability to prevent the nuclear bombing, I will help to just pop you out of your dream? Motorcycle helmets are more fragile than you might imagine. Every time your motorcycle helmet takes a hit, it causes a little bit of damage to itself.

Around 60.1 units of motorcycles were sold in the year 2019. After the Corona situation, the motorcycle industry shrunk a little bit but there are millions of unit motorcycles being sold globally every year.

Motorcycle helmets are the most important motorcycle gear. So, keeping a motorcycle helmet in a good position and taking care of it regularly is a must for your safety and comfort as a biker. It is more important when there is a life and death situation.

In this article, you will find the best tips and ways on caring about your motorcycle helmet.

Handle Your Motorcycle Helmet with Care

It is important to treat your helmet with care. Most of the time people treat helmets as the hardest thing on earth. It is not right!

Thinking of your helmet as a fragile product will help you. In general, your motorcycle helmet could be damaged by just falling from 2 meters in height.

Helmets have a unique ability to disperse all the shock to the whole surface of their body. For this reason, in each hit, your helmet gets weakened bit by bit.

Wash Your Helmet In a Regular Basis

From time to time you should clean your helmet to keep it out of dust, sweat, and dirt. Washing your helmet has two parts to follow. One is the outer part and the other one is the inner part of a helmet.

  • Outer Part: Cleaning your outer part is a must whenever you take a ride. Cleaning your outer part regularly makes it more long-lasting and edible to you. Use pure water to clean the outer surface. You can use soap to get better results.
  • Inner Part: Cleaning the inner part of your motorcycle helmet is a little bit tricky. You need to look at a few things and make sure everything is alright. You need to make sure the inside is completely dry after the process.

Washing your helmet once a week is a good practice. Moreover, you are getting a shiny-looking helmet every week.

Before washing or cleaning your helmet you need to make sure you brought every external accessory from your helmet. I know it is very basic but it is never too late to be careful.

Remove any earphones, Bluetooth components, antennas attached inside to your helmet before washing or cleaning it.

Keep Your Helmet Dry

It is important to make sure your helmet is always dry. Water can cause damage to your helmet frame. Since most of the frames are made of steel, water will make the frame rusty and you might have to get a new one for that reason.

Yes, it is alright to let your hamlet touch water but it is a problem when that water stays over. You need to wash and dry your motorcycle helmet up as soon as it gets wet.

Keep Your Helmet on a Warm, Well-Ventilated Place

You can only keep your helmet dry every time if you are able to keep it in a dry, warm, and well-ventilated place.

Always let your helmet dry out after each ride. If you ride heavily, let it dry out at least once in a day.

You can use some spare silica gel packs to keep your helmet dry and moist. Keeping your helmet grease-free is a must.

Make Sure Your Visor is Always Clean and Scratch Free

The visor of your motorcycle helmet helps you visualize what is in front of you while you ride a bike. It protects you from dust, bugs, and other things from getting into your eyes. If bugs and dust enter your eyes while driving your bike, it can cause a serious accident. The visor helps you to avoid these kinds of incidents. For this reason, you need to clean your visor on a daily basis.

Try to avoid cleaning the visor with dry clothes when it is full of dirt and bugs. Use the wet cloth /soft cloth/wet towel/microfiber to clean the visor. Traditional visor cleaner can help you in this process.

On the other hand, if the visor has too much scratch on it, it will disrupt your vision on the road. Especially in low light and dark situations.

Visor plays an important role when your helmet is on and you are riding a two-wheeler. So, it is important to clean your visor daily(If not then weekly). Also, you need to change the visor from time to time to be safe and sound on the road.

Any local bike shop near you can replace your helmet visor with ease.

Avoid Using Harmful Polish on Your Helmet or Visor

There are too many helmet cleaners on the market and it is important to choose the right kind of cleaner or polisher for your helmet.

Try to avoid a cleaner which has petrochemicals in it. Because petrochemicals are harmful to plastic. These cleaners might give a shiny look on your helmet but it is harmful to your helmet.

Some of the best helmet cleaners are:

  • Kleers Crash Helmet Sanitizer
  • Molecule Helmet Fabric Interior Refresher
  • Bell Shield Cleaner
  • Muc-Off Helmet And Visor Cleaner
  • Molecule Helmet Cleaner And Polish

Keep your Helmet Scratch Free

It is important to make sure your helmet outerior does not have any scratch. Scratch results in a lot of damage that often people neglect.

On the other hand, scratch destroys the outer look of your motorcycle helmet. A scratchy helmet looks awful and it might lead you to change your favorite helmet.

There are ways to cover up the scratches on your motorcycle helmet. Some of them are effective and some of them are not. You need to be a hundred percent sure before using any method.

How to Get Rid of Motorcycle Helmet Scratches?

There are effective ways to cover the scratches on your helmet within a short budget. Some of them are:

  1. Using Stickers: You can use stickers to cover up the scratch. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to solve the helmet scratch problem.
  2. Using a Permanent Marker: There are too many permanent markers you will find in the stores. You can use one of those markers to cover scratches on your helmet. This technique is not a long-lasting one but effective.

You should check on a smaller scratched surface to make sure the marker matches your demand.

If a marker pen does not work, you can just remove it using any suitable cleaning agent.

  1. Using Touch-Up Paint: A marker pen is not a long-lasting way to deal with helmet scratches. But touch-up paints are the best and most durable way to get off scratches. Using touch-up paint gives you a long-lasting solution to your helmet scratch problems.

Helmet scratches are permanent. Anything used to cover the scratches won’t give you a feel that you used to have. It is better to protect your helmet as much as you can.

Remember to Replace the Straps

It is important to look at the helmet strap health and replace it if necessary. Helmet straps are long-lasting but they can be damaged without your knowledge.

When your helmet strap is damaged, you need to change it for your own good. A nearby bike accessories store can solve your problem.

It is better to change the whole helmet when the strap is damaged rather than just changing the strap.

Keep Your Bike Close and Your Helmet Closer

You need to understand that it is important to never leave your bike for a longer moment. It is even more important to never leave your helmet.

Leaving your helmet on your bike is not a good practice. Not just a possibility of theft, your helmet could be damaged or get dirty.

You should always carry your helmet with you(Of course if you’re on a ride. You don’t need to carry your helmet in your shower lol :p). You can use a helmet bag to carry it with ease. Choosing a light-weighted helmet is a good choice for this reason.

Extra Points to Remember

Never throw your bike hand gloves inside of your helmet. Bike gloves contain grease, petrol and dirt which will make your helmet interior dirty.

Never leave your helmet on the bike side mirror. It will not only damage the helmet interior but also will also damage the bike side mirror too.

Remember to clean the vents of your helmet. It is possible that bugs are getting stuck into your helmet’s vent. This will block the ventilation system. As a result, too much heat and sweat will arise. It is important to clear off the vents from time to time to normalize the air flow inside your helmet.


Always treat your bike helmet with care. Do not avoid small details. It is important for you to understand that if you run into an accident helmet is the thing between your life and death. A good and well-cared helmet can save your life.

Caring for your helmet using these tips will make it long-lasting and durable. Make sure you follow these tips.


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