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Motorcycle helmet hairstyles for women




Are you a woman who rides a motorcycle? You know riding a motorcycle but hairstyles confuse you a little bit. No worries, we got your back. Hairstyles should be two things. Comfortable and time-saving but that doesn’t mean it cannot be beautiful. When you ride a bike you just don’t ride. You also reach a destination that’s the office, a hill track, or who knows maybe the beach. Let’s learn some motorcycle helmet hairstyles that you can easily do in minutes and feel comfortable as well.

Haircare for motorcycle riders

Hair can get damaged when you wear a helmet. Wear a helmet that’s a good fit or a too-tight helmet can damage your scalp. A helmet that has good air circulation is good for hair. So helmet with air vent is a must. Don’t be lazy to wash your hair the day you rode the motorcycle. Hair attracts dirt like a magnet. And dirt is not good for hair. If it means washing hair every day be it. Use a mild shampoo to save hair moisture. Below I am going to share with you 7 tips and tricks for hair care for lady motorcycle riders:

A bun

Hair-headbandsDon’t roll your eyes as it’s the most basic hairstyle you could ever find. But it’s so comfortable that I tend to go for it every single day. If there is no special occasion I just make a messy bun and voila my hair is ready for the day. To keep it in place don’t forget lots of bobby pins and hairspray. Also, there is a ballerina bun, a low bun, and a side bun. These are fancier and look gorgeous with the right hair accessories.


Braid is another classic hairdo that has been in style for years. It just never gets old. You can do a French braid as it’s simple but gives a majestic look. And the best thing is that the hair will not come your way at all. You can just braid your hair and forget about it.

Headscarves or bandana

Headscarves or bandanaIf you want to go a little funky you can wear headscarves or a bandana on your head. Keep the rest of the hair curly. This creates a beautiful look. If you are going to a party this hair look will set the right mood. The bandana style is very fashionable nowadays so try it out. It can take it out of your comfort zone but a little change can make you happy.


Motorcycle helmet hairstyles for womenI think even if I didn’t tell you it is already your hairstyle. Ponytail is extremely popular among motorcyclists. It gives a beautiful look. Doesn’t get messy after removing the helmet and is easy to do as well.

Open straight hair

No matter how uncomfortable it is straight hair gives the best look ever. It gets a little messy after you remove the helmet. But there is a beauty in this messiness as well. Just straighten your hair and keep it that way. But don’t try that if you have hair that’s longer than your back area. Also, you can keep your open hair and curl it. The beach curls will look beautiful as well.

Get a haircut

If you don’t shy away from experiments and love short hair you can get a haircut. An a-line bob, an undercut, or a very small cut will be great. If you want any of these don’t shy away thinking about how you will look. It’s just hair it will grow back.


Locks are a long-time commitment. So be sure about your decision before doing it. Locks and open hair, locks, and bandana give a badass vibe. It also makes the hair carefree. So you can just not care about styling it sometimes.

Final thoughts

Hair makes a statement about our personalities. So whatever you are doing with your hair it carries you. Do everything that makes you comfortable and feels good in your skin. That’s all that matters. But remember to take care of your hair. Ride safe.


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