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Predator motorcycle helmets are inspired by the movie ‘Predator.’ It is primarily famous for its signature silver spikes and dreadlocks. Since the release of the movie series, it has generated a group of die heart fans around the world. As a result, many bikers are predator fans as well.

If you’re a fan of the Predator movie series and a biker at the same time, you might want to dig deep and look at this premium hand-crafted predator helmet. The helmet is designed and manufactured in such a way that it will remind you of the movie while you wear it.

The Predator Motorcycle Helmet Review

Predator-Motorcycle-Helmet Helmet - PickYourHelmet
  • Type: Open-face interior helmet
  • Technology: Custom fiberglass, mounted laser.
  • Model: Predator
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Finish: Black and Blue
  • Visor: Tinted protective visor
  • Certification: Non DOT (SNI) and DOT approved

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We’ll share our lab-tested and personally used experiences with you. So, you shouldn’t have any doubt after reading this. If you’re thinking of buying a predator helmet but couldn’t make a decision, our predator helmet review will help you get over the line.

Reasons To Buy Predator Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re considering purchasing a Predator Motorcycle Helmet, you’re likely intrigued by their striking appearance and unique design. These helmets not only provide a head-turning look but also offer a range of features that cater to the needs and preferences of motorcycle enthusiasts. In this section, we will discuss the top reasons to buy a Predator Motorcycle Helmet, covering aspects like safety, comfort, customization, and functionality. By understanding these key benefits, you can determine if a Predator Motorcycle Helmet is the right choice for you and your riding adventures. So, let’s delve into the reasons why you might want to invest in one of these visually impressive and feature-rich helmets!

Safety Issues

Predator Motorcycle Helmet Review3While testing the predator helmet, we found it tough and secure. It is officially ECE, and DOT approved. Moreover, this predator helmet is also SNI certified. All of the certificates prove that the company made this helmet with care, and It is irresistible and unbreakable.

This predator helmet is made of a custom fiberglass shell. Custom fiberglass makes a helmet more durable. As a result, it will not be broken or fall apart even after rough use. Besides, the stunning graphics remain in their place and do not fade away after some time. We did a lot of up-and-down with the design in our lab, but it was still in the same place. The design of the helmet is hand-drawn. So, they do not budge.

Fiberglass makes helmets extraordinarily lightweight. For this reason, our tester found the Predator Helmet weighs just above 4 pounds. The helmet has a modern touch to feel the hunger of your curiosity.

To sum up, you can easily use this predator helmet without thinking so much about your safety issue. The helmet has everything in it to make you secure if an accident occurs.

Design and Aesthetics

A Predator Motorcycle Helmet boasts an unmistakable design that sets it apart from traditional helmets, instantly capturing attention and making a bold statement. The following factors contribute to the helmet’s unique design and aesthetics:

Description of the helmet’s appearance

A Predator Motorcycle Helmet features a one-of-a-kind appearance that captures the essence of the iconic Predator from the famous movie franchise. This distinctive design instantly draws attention and showcases the wearer’s unique style. In this section, we will explore the various aspects of the helmet’s appearance, including its alien-like head shape, dreadlock-like appendages, and aggressive facial features. By delving into the intricate details and design elements of a Predator Motorcycle Helmet, we can better understand the appeal and allure that sets these helmets apart from traditional motorcycle gear.

  1. Inspired by the Predator movie franchise, these helmets mimic the distinctive look of the extraterrestrial creature.
  2. Key features of the design include the alien-like head shape, dreadlock-like appendages, and aggressive facial features.
  3. Some models even incorporate additional details, such as the Predator’s iconic mandibles or intricate tribal markings and symbols.
  4. The helmet’s design is typically crafted from high-quality materials such as polycarbonate, fiberglass, or carbon fiber to ensure both durability and safety.

Customization options

Predator Motorcycle Helmets offer a range of customization options to cater to various tastes and preferences, making each helmet a unique piece of gear.

Paint jobs: Manufacturers often provide an array of paint job options, including different color schemes, airbrushed details, and custom designs. This allows riders to select a helmet that aligns with their personal style.

Visor colors: Visors are available in various colors and styles, such as clear, tinted, or mirrored, enabling riders to choose a visor that best suits their needs and enhances the overall look of the helmet.

Additional accessories: Many Predator Motorcycle Helmets can be further customized with accessories like LEDs, laser sights, or even functional devices such as Bluetooth communication systems. These add-ons not only enhance the helmet’s visual appeal but also improve the rider’s experience.

Uniqueness and personal expression

One of the most significant appeals of a Predator Motorcycle Helmet is the opportunity for riders to express their individuality and stand out from the crowd. The helmet’s eye-catching design and customizable elements allow riders to showcase their personality and make a statement while enjoying a safe and comfortable riding experience.

In conclusion, the design and aesthetics of Predator Motorcycle Helmets set them apart from conventional helmets, offering motorcycle enthusiasts a unique and personalized piece of gear. The combination of the helmet’s striking appearance, customizable options, and opportunity for personal expression makes it an attractive choice for those seeking something distinctive and memorable.

Brilliant Crisp Design

This Predator helmet is so stylish. It has a unique design, which amplifies its body, and most importantly, the different shape of the helmet doesn’t harm the generic structure of the helmet.

The exterior of the helmet is incomparable. With its ultra-realistic look, the face of the predator beast has been adjusted to the helmet very well. The design is not artificially made. It is fully hand-printed so that it doesn’t fade away after excessive use. The helmet is well-built and well-designed.

The helmet is mainly based on Black and Royal Blue. The Royal Blue finish gives it a premium touch. The blue graphics into the black finish looks really awesome. Also, the exquisite black finish has a unique 3D touch. The helmet has a spiked lining which gives it a monstrous look like the predator. The long black strands on the helmet are placed perfectly. They will not create a problem when you are riding your motorcycle.

Comes in Different Sizes

“Chopper Helmets” is the manufactures of predator helmets. They are the pro makers of predator helmets. This time they did a great job to include such a variety of different sizes. Predator helmets come in different sizes so that you can wear them to your comfort.

You can get a Predator helmet in any size between and Small (S) and XX-Large (XXL). This variety of sizes allows plenty of room inside the Predator helmet for riders so that they can find the perfect size for themselves.

Chopper Helmets is also on point about measurements for every size. As a result, it becomes easier to find the perfect fit for you. They also manufacture every helmet with a disclaimer that the helmet can be relatively fit tight when worn over the head.

In conclusion, the vision behind the helmet sizing was to maximize aesthetics. Gradually the fitting becomes better after wearing multiple times.

Unique Tinted Visor

The visor is the most crucial part of a helmet. When you’re buying a helmet, you should make sure the visor is top-notch. The visor helps you to visualize on the road and save you from accidents.

Our experts found that the visor of the predator helmet is very protective and handy. The visor will protect your face from road dust and so on. Also, the tinted visor will provide you a clear vision ahead.

Moreover, the retracted design of the Predator helmet makes it much easier to open and close depending on your needs.

Maintenance and Longevity

Proper maintenance and care of your Predator Motorcycle Helmet are essential for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. In this section, we will discuss the recommended practices for maintaining your helmet, as well as factors that influence its lifespan.

Cleaning and care instructions

Exterior cleaning: Gently clean the helmet’s exterior with a mild soap and water solution, using a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface. Rinse the helmet with clean water and dry it thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Interior cleaning: Remove the interior padding and lining, and hand-wash them with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to air dry before reinstalling them in the helmet. Regular cleaning of the interior helps prevent the buildup of sweat, dirt, and bacteria, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic riding experience.

Visor care: Clean the visor with a dedicated visor cleaner or mild soap and water solution. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or chemicals that could damage the visor’s surface or coating. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent scratches.

Inspections and replacement

  1. Regularly inspect your Predator Motorcycle Helmet for any signs of damage, wear, or deterioration. Pay close attention to the integrity of the shell, the condition of the interior padding and lining, and the functionality of the retention system.
  2. It is generally recommended to replace your helmet every 3 to 5 years or after a significant impact. Even if there is no visible damage, the helmet’s materials can degrade over time, compromising its ability to protect you during an accident.

Proper storage

  1. Store your Predator Motorcycle Helmet in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, as excessive heat and UV exposure can weaken the materials and reduce the helmet’s effectiveness.
  2. If possible, store the helmet in a protective bag or case to prevent dust buildup and accidental damage.

By following these maintenance and care recommendations, you can extend the lifespan of your Predator Motorcycle Helmet and ensure it remains in optimal condition to provide the necessary protection and comfort during your rides. Regular inspection, proper cleaning, and appropriate storage practices will help maintain the helmet’s appearance, functionality, and safety.

Ventilation & Mounted laser

Despite all of the strands and vibrant design, the ventilation system of the predator helmet really amazed our experts. The vents are made cleverly to keep decent airflow inside of the helmet and keep your helmet cool.

The Predator helmet includes a functional mounted laser. You will be able to control it with a toggle switch.


  • Tinted Visor
  • Durable and irresistible Shell
  • Very much Lightweight
  • Stunning Graphics and stylish
  • Ventilation and mounted laser


  • Don’t have any modern technologies like Bluetooth.
  • Sizing could be an issue sometimes.

The Final Verdict

To all the considerations in our hands, we would say this is a stylish helmet and doable to all the Predator helmet lovers. The exquisite exterior makes the helmet worth every penny.

Though it is not well equipped with modern techs, it will be perfect for you if you’re a predator fan.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet Review FAQ

This guide is designed to provide you with comprehensive information and answers to frequently asked questions about Predator Motorcycle Helmets. These unique and eye-catching helmets, inspired by the iconic Predator movie franchise, have gained popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts due to their distinctive design and customization options. In this FAQ, we will cover various aspects of Predator Motorcycle Helmets, including safety, comfort, functionality, pricing, and more, to help you make an informed decision when considering purchasing one of these helmets. Let’s dive into the world of Predator Motorcycle Helmets and explore what they have to offer!

What is a Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

A Predator Motorcycle Helmet is a uniquely designed motorcycle helmet that resembles the head of the fictional extraterrestrial species, the Predator, from the popular movie franchise. These helmets combine the distinctive look of the Predator with the safety and functionality of a regular motorcycle helmet.

Are Predator Motorcycle Helmets safe?

Yes, Predator Motorcycle Helmets are designed to meet or exceed safety standards such as DOT (Department of Transportation) and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe). However, the safety of a specific helmet depends on the manufacturer and the specific model, so it is crucial to check for safety certifications before purchasing.

Are these helmets comfortable to wear?

Predator Motorcycle Helmets typically come with adjustable padding and ventilation systems to provide a comfortable fit. However, comfort levels may vary depending on the specific model and the rider’s head shape. It is recommended to try on the helmet before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

Can I customize my Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Many manufacturers offer customization options for Predator Motorcycle Helmets, such as different paint jobs, visor colors, and additional accessories like LEDs or laser sights. However, customization availability and options may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

Are Predator Motorcycle Helmets legal to wear on the road?

Predator Motorcycle Helmets that meet safety standards such as DOT and ECE are generally legal to wear on public roads. However, local laws and regulations may vary, so it is essential to check with your local authorities before using a Predator Motorcycle Helmet on public roads.

How much do Predator Motorcycle Helmets cost?

The price of a Predator Motorcycle Helmet can range from $200 to over $1,000, depending on the manufacturer, design, materials used, and customization options. High-quality helmets with more advanced features and customizations will typically cost more.

Where can I buy a Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Predator Motorcycle Helmets can be purchased online through various e-commerce platforms or specialized motorcycle gear retailers. You may also find them in local motorcycle shops or dealerships.

How do I maintain my Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

To maintain your Predator Motorcycle Helmet, clean the exterior with a mild soap and water solution, and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Clean the interior padding and lining by removing and hand-washing them with mild soap and water. Regularly inspect the helmet for any signs of damage or wear, and replace it if necessary. Store the helmet in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use.

Can I use a Bluetooth communication system with a Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Yes, many Predator Motorcycle Helmets are compatible with Bluetooth communication systems. You may need to purchase and install the Bluetooth device separately, depending on the helmet model. Check the helmet’s specifications for compatibility before purchasing a Bluetooth system.

Can I wear glasses while wearing a Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Most Predator Motorcycle Helmets are designed to accommodate riders who wear glasses. However, the fit and comfort will depend on the specific helmet model and the size and shape of your glasses. Trying on the helmet with your glasses before purchasing is the best way to ensure a comfortable fit.

How much does a Predator Motorcycle Helmet weigh?

The weight of a Predator Motorcycle Helmet varies depending on the manufacturer, materials used, and the design. Generally, these helmets weigh between 3 to 5 pounds (1.4 to 2.3 kg). Helmets with additional accessories and features may be slightly heavier.

Are Predator Motorcycle Helmets aerodynamic?

Predator Motorcycle Helmets are designed to provide adequate aerodynamics for most riding conditions. However, due to the unique design and added features, these helmets may not be as aerodynamic as traditional racing helmets. For everyday riding, a Predator Motorcycle Helmet should offer sufficient aerodynamic performance.

Can I attach a GoPro or other action camera to a Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Attaching a GoPro or other action camera to a Predator Motorcycle Helmet is possible, but it may require additional mounting accessories or modifications. Some helmets may have specific mounting points for cameras, while others may need an adhesive mount or a custom bracket. Always ensure the camera attachment does not compromise the helmet’s safety or your field of vision.

What materials are Predator Motorcycle Helmets made of?

Predator Motorcycle Helmets are usually made of materials like polycarbonate, fiberglass, or carbon fiber for the outer shell, depending on the manufacturer and price point. The interior padding and lining are generally made of moisture-wicking and breathable materials to ensure comfort and proper ventilation.

Are there different sizes available for Predator Motorcycle Helmets?

Yes, Predator Motorcycle Helmets typically come in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL. To ensure the correct fit, measure the circumference of your head just above the eyebrows and refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Trying on the helmet before purchasing is highly recommended to guarantee a proper fit.

How do I know if my Predator Motorcycle Helmet fits correctly?

A correctly fitting Predator Motorcycle Helmet should be snug but not uncomfortably tight. There should be no pressure points or excessive movement when you shake your head. The helmet should not be too loose, as this can compromise safety during an impact. If the helmet can be easily rotated on your head or lifted off without undoing the chin strap, it is too large.

Can I use a Predator Motorcycle Helmet for racing?

While Predator Motorcycle Helmets meet safety standards like DOT and ECE, they may not be ideal for competitive racing due to their unique design and potential aerodynamic differences compared to traditional racing helmets. It’s essential to check with the racing organization’s specific requirements before using a Predator Motorcycle Helmet in a racing environment.

How often should I replace my Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

It is generally recommended to replace a motorcycle helmet every 3 to 5 years or after a significant impact, even if no visible damage is present. The materials used in the helmet can degrade over time, reducing its ability to protect you during an accident. Regular inspection and proper maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your helmet.

Can I use a tinted or mirrored visor with a Predator Motorcycle Helmet?

Many Predator Motorcycle Helmets are compatible with tinted or mirrored visors, depending on the model. These visors can help reduce glare and improve visibility in bright conditions. However, be sure to check local laws and regulations regarding tinted or mirrored visors, as some regions may have restrictions on their use.

How can I customize my Predator Motorcycle Helmet to make it unique?

There are various ways to customize your Predator Motorcycle Helmet, such as adding custom paint jobs, decals, or accessories like LEDs or laser sights. Additionally, you can switch out the visor for a different color or style. Always ensure that any customizations do not compromise the helmet’s safety, fit, or functionality.


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