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Why do people not wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle?




Traffic police know how many people try to avoid wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. They must be tired of telling people to wear their helmets. some people wear a helmet but those helmets are as useless as not wearing anything. Why people are like that? We, as safety freaks are also tired of telling people to wear a helmet, a proper one. Let us break down some of the reasons for people not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Hassle to carry around

Let’s be honest, even we don’t like all the things that go around a helmet. you have to carry it around. It is sometimes unsafe to keep with the motorcycle. So you don’t want to deal with the hassle that comes with a helmet. Who doesn’t want to feel liberated from baggage and all? Helmets are quite bulky and aren’t handy enough to walk around with. But do you think compromising your safety with such a silly thing is logical? It is not logical that you don’t want to wear a helmet for the hassle. You could lose your life in an accident and nothing will matter at that time.


Some of us are claustrophobic and it is terrifying to feel that way. You don’t want to be in the middle of the road and feel panic attacks. It won’t be a pleasant feeling. The helmet makes us feel sweaty and breathless as well. Well speaking of claustrophobia it can happen with a full-face helmet. it is quite normal to feel like that with a full-face helmet. even, normal people feel that way. If you aren’t comfortable with this type of helmet you should try other types. A modular helmet can be a great choice for you. It doesn’t have that claustrophobic feeling and keeps the face open. And it provides a good level of safety. At least more than the other type of helmets like open-face ones.

Fear of Hair loss

It sounds ridiculous but it is what it is. Some riders think that wearing a helmet causes baldness. And what makes a man more self-conscious than a bald spot? But it’s a wrong theory that’s going on among the riders. Yes, wearing a helmet for a long time can cause a lot of issues. If you are sweaty and stay with that sweat in your hair it is harmful. This hygiene issue can cause bigger problems later. You can get dandruff or alopecia from this. To avoid all these you have to maintain hygiene. If you are wearing a helmet for a long time, give your hair a quick wash as soon as you reach your destination. Buy a helmet that has washable materials so that you can wash them now and then. Just don’t let bacteria live in your helmet or hair. This way you won’t have a problem with hair problems. And you will have no problem wearing the helmet.

Hinders Eyesight and hearing

Wearing a helmet is the best thing you can do for yourself while riding a motorcycle. Some people don’t wear a helmet as it hinders their eyesight and hearing. And let’s be honest, the helmet does indeed create problems in hearing and seeing. Especially if you didn’t buy a good helmet. now, what do you do too? Get the best quality helmet you can buy. a good helmet will have zero to no issues like that. Yeah, none can make the helmet like you are not wearing one. But there are some helmets in the market that can change your thoughts on helmets.

Heavy helmets

Let’s be honest, no matter how much I advocate for helmets because of security it’s uncomfortable. And the biggest reason for this is it is heavy. The heaviness comes from trying to make the helmet as sturdy as possible. Yes, a helmet that’s not made of the best quality material will not be light. So it causes excruciating neck pain. And some people cannot move their necks that well. All these cause severe discomfort to the user. And they just give up on helmets. To avoid facing discomfort related to heaviness always buy a helmet that’s made of fiberglass or carbon fiber.  you will love your helmet.

Can’t find the perfect helmet

Finding a perfect helmet is like hitting the jackpot. It just doesn’t happen easily. It’s a rare thing that happens once in a while to some people. An ill-fitted helmet will make you uncomfortable. It’s distracting while riding. So you just give up on wearing a helmet after buying one after another. What to do in such situations? Wear your helmet before buying. Wear it for an hour before you confirm your purchase. Return it if it is not the perfect match. A helmet should be a snug fit. Not too tight or not too loose. Check other features of the helmet to make sure you like other things as well. When you find your perfect helmet you will be wearing it everywhere you go for a ride.

Why should I wear a helmet?

Did you know that motorcycle helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69%? And 42% of death is prevented only by wearing a good helmet. so, you know now that wearing a helmet can be like doing a favor to yourself and your loved ones. So find a good helmet that fits well and never let it go when you are riding a motorcycle.

What can happen if I don’t wear a helmet?

Not wearing a helmet is just a foolish act. You can face the traffic police first. If that’s already not enough for you and you get away with it there is a bigger thing waiting for you. Severe brain injury, severe head trauma, and death will be waiting for you. Just a mistake of a second can mess everything up. It may not be your mistake or anyone’s mistake at all.


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