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Best Motorcycle helmets for small heads Review & Buying Guide 2023




Do you go to buy helmets and come back angry all the time? it is tiring Looking at the mirror wearing helmets one after another. Isn’t it? And the reason for that is it’s not fitting your small head. I understand the frustration. But what do you do about it? There are thousands of helmets out there in the market. But you just need a perfect one. Don’t just feel silly while standing at the shop for the helmet. Know how you will get the best helmet.

How to determine if the helmet is oversized or not?

Look at the shell size of the helmet to see if the helmet is oversized or not. What we tend to do is see the fitting size of the helmet. But to be honest it is hard to find a good motorcycle for small heads. As no one talks about it you might find it hard to get the desired helmet. To make your hunt for a good motorcycle helmet for a small head we gathered some of the best helmets in one place. Have a look here and see. Who knows! You may find your perfect helmet from here.

1. HJC Helmets Marvel CS-R3 Spiderman Homecoming Review

HJC Helmets Full-face-helmet-style Marvel CS-R3 Spiderman Homecoming Review - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Full-Face Helmet (Small Head)
  • Brand: HJC
  • Model: 150-783
  • Inner Material: Advanced polycarbonate composite shell
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: Adventure tour, cruise tour, and street biking

Helmet Price

Being a fan of the Marvel universe this helmet may have caught your attention. But you sure will not be disappointed after using it. The HJC helmet is a Godsend gift if you have been looking for helmets for a small head. But that does not mean you only get this one small helmet. Here are some more details of the helmet you shouldn’t miss.

The rapid-fire shield replacement system gives a tool-free removal and installation process. It is quick, easy, and efficient for anyone to do it. There’s a rear exhaust vent to keep you safe from the humidity and heat in those hot months. The cheeks pads and liners are removable and washable so that you can maintain cleanliness easily.

The shield closure system is extremely tight and secured.  A smoke and race shield is there to protect your eyes in case of any accidents. Here are some more details you will find helpful.

The HJC Marvel helmet boasts a stylish design that is sure to please fans of the Marvel universe. Made with advanced polycarbonate composite shell, the helmet is lightweight and offers superior fit and comfort using CAD technology. The rapid-fire shield replacement system allows for tool-free removal and installation, making it quick and easy to change the shield.

In addition to its stylish design, the helmet also provides excellent ventilation through its advanced channeling ventilation system (ACS), which enables full front-to-back airflow to flush out heat and humidity. The rear exhaust vent contributes to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the helmet during hot months.

The shield closure system is secure and tight, providing optimal protection for your eyes. The shield itself offers 95% UV protection, and the helmet comes with a smoke and race shield to protect your eyes in case of accidents. To ensure cleanliness and hygiene, the cheek pads and liners are removable and washable.

Overall, the HJC Marvel helmet is a fantastic option for those with smaller head sizes, offering not only a unique design but also high-quality safety features and comfort.


  • From the view of price point, it’s a good pick
  • Polycarbonate composite shell makes the body light and comfortable
  • The anti-scratch coating makes the helmet look new for a long time
  • Two rear exhaust vents keep the humidity out
  • The front lens is super clear


  • It’s not the quietest helmets out there

2. Shoei RF-SR Solid Helmet (X-Small) (White) Review

Shoei RF-SR Solid Helmet Review - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Brand: Shoei
  • Model: Shoei RF-SR Solid Helmet
  • Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: adventure tour, cruise tour, and street biking

Helmet Price

Want a helmet that looks premium but on a budget? Shoei can be your perfect pick for budget-friendly helmets. A full-face helmet and the least expensive on the market. What else do we want from a brand? But is it enough when a helmet is just premium looking and budget-friendly. No, then let us explore some technical aspects that have the good and bad sides of the helmet.

First and foremost, look at the aerodynamic shell design. The style looks aggressive like a street biker and compact as well. The design of the helmet minimizes the shell amount and doesn’t make it like you are wearing a spacesuit.

Ventilation is a major focus whenever we want to buy a helmet. Shoei has nailed ventilation through the chin vent and top vent. The vault-like lock makes the opening and closing easier. The airflow that generates around the head may not make it the quietest helmet. But depending on the head size it can be better or worse.


  • Multi-layers of cheek pads for better comfort, sizing, and stabilization
  • The 3D design contours as per the user’s head a
  • Tunnels in the EPS brings cooling air
  • Emergency quick release for any medical emergency
  • The interior is fully removable, washable and if needed its also replaceable


  • It’s a little louder than you would like it to be
  • You only get one color of this helmet

3. Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet Review

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet Review - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Brand: Bell
  • Model: Bell qualifier DLX Helmet
  • Inner Material: Polycarbonate/ ABS shell construction
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: ATV, street sport motorcycle, scooter, UTV

Helmet Price

You are a biker and haven’t heard of Bell? It’s impossible as it’s one of the most famous helmet manufacturers. Recently when they launched their qualifier DLX, they have created a stir. But is it going to be able to impress you? Let us see what this is made of and what is all the fuss about.

What does a helmet do? Protects head. This is its main job and Bell helmet takes this job very seriously. The shell is super strong and protects the head like a boss.

Are you suffering because of your head shape? This bell qualifier curves around the head so well that your head shapes won’t cause problems anymore. As you are here for a helmet for a small head you must try this one out.


  • Venting of the helmet is quite great as there’s a couple of chin vents, four brow vents that can open and close through a small switch
  • The transitions visor of Bell is popular among bikers already. And the reasonable price makes It icing on the cake
  • The inside of the helmet is adjustable so even if the helmet doesn’t fit well adjust it with cheek pads.
  • Bell’s anti-fog treatment makes the visor fog proof in cold or humid weather.


  • Some users said that the padding near the chin may pop out as the snap isn’t of good quality. But this is a complaint from minority

4. YEMA YM-833 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet Review

YEMA YM-833 Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet Review Review - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Brand: YEMA
  • Model: YEMA YM-833 Helmet
  • Inner Material: ABS shell construction
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: ATV, street sport motorcycle, scooter, UTV

Helmet Price

Want a bandit helmet but don’t want to be bankrupt? This Yema looks stylish and comes at a low price. It’s a smaller helmet, so if you are particularly looking for a rare small size it is for you.

The helmet is an aerodynamic ABS shell and it’s also multi-density EPS. So don’t be afraid of your safety because of the reasonable price. It also has a quick-release buckle that can be untied in case of any emergency.

The helmet is designed with an intake and exhaust vent to maintain ventilation. Your ride on a hot or humid day won’t be exhausting.


  • Great look, safe, and budget-friendly helmet
  • It will keep you warm if you are a biker in the winter
  • The liner  is washable so with comfort you can keep it clean and fresh


  • The visor gets foggy easily

5. ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Helmet Review

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Helmet Review - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Brand: ILM
  • Model: ILM-902 Helmet
  • Inner Material: ABS shell construction
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: ATV, street sport motorcycle, scooter, UTV

Helmet Price

Crazy driving has made riding much scarier nowadays. You have to take all the precautions available to keep yourself safe on roads. The helmet keeps you safe if any accident happens. But the ILM motorcycle helmet has built-in LED lights that will make you noticeable. So even if you are on some part of the road where vehicles are rarely visible you will be safe.

The helmet is specially designed to make you feel comfortable. Its lightweight and liner are also thin. It gives impact protection as well in case you face an accident. The hinge system is also light. The design of the helmet is made in such a way that it reduces the risk of discomfort in the neck. Overall a great full-face helmet that gives the comfort of a modular helmet. But you get the most security of a full-face helmet.


  • It has a quick-release strap
  • Adjustable vents for better ventilation
  • LED light for
  • The ear liners and top liners are interchangeable and removable


  • When the wind vent is open the noise becomes unbearable

6. LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet Review

LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet Review Review - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Premium Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Brand: LS2
  • Model: ILM-328-1331 Helmet
  • Inner Material: High Resistance ABS shell construction
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: ATV, street sport motorcycle, scooter, UTV

Helmet Price

Isn’t it annoying when the sun shines right before our eyes? Especially when you are out hiking on a bright sunny day. But that’s not gonna be a problem anymore as the LS2 helmet’s built-in twin shield system protects from the sun. but a helmet is for protecting you and your head. And it isn’t a big deal for the LS2 helmet. The users themselves have given reviews about the crash test.

The chin strap makes wearing the helmet comfortable. Also, it’s DOT approved, easy to release and you can secure it in no time. The fabric liner is also washable that keeps the helmet smelling fresh and new for years. If your head is long oval it’s the perfect helmet for you.

The laser 3D technology makes sure you get the perfect fit. Also, there will be no hot spots it is guaranteed.


  • The venting is excellent for humid weather
  • It’s lightweight so comfort is guaranteed
  • It has a chin skirt
  • The visor is crystal clear


  • The padding is thinner than the other helmets

7. TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Helmet Review

TORC T15B Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review Review - PickYourHelmet

Additional Features:

  • Helmet Style: Bluetooth Helmet (Full-Face Helmet)
  • Brand: TORC
  • Model: TORC T15B Helmet
  • Inner Material: High Resistance ABS shell construction
  • Certification: DOT approved
  • Vehicle Service Type: ATV, street sport motorcycle, scooter, UTV

Helmet Price

Are you into cool graphic designs? If yes, then you are going to like this one. This helmet will thrive even when you ride it at a higher speed. The stability becomes an issue when the rider rides at a higher speed. But this helmet will stay stable. There’s Bluetooth that’s already installed in the helmet, so whenever you need it it’s there. It not only lets you listen to music but there’s also GPS there.

There is a built-in drop-down sun visor. You don’t need a dark visor for that. It is also washable and removable for maintaining cleanliness. The padding of the helmet is super comfortable. Overall cool design, great quality, and comfort. What else is needed for a good helmet?


  • The working Bluetooth makes life easier with GPS
  • Looks cool for an affordable helmet
  • The sun visor is superb
  • Easy to handle, especially buckling up and unbuckling is easy


  • The changing port is tucked in the padding, so its harder to get inside
  • The sound of Bluetooth is a little low sometimes

Final thoughts

What makes a good helmet? You sure might say the lightweight ones, provides protection and are affordable. But there are so many more things in a helmet. It may not cross your mind when you are seeing the helmet. While you use it, then the experience can say. So choose the helmet wisely. There are so many out there in the market. Take your time. Do your research and then decide which one to buy. We tried to gather the best motorcycle helmets for smaller heads. And hope you like these picks. Have safe rides.

FAQs about motorcycle helmets for small head

For individuals with smaller head sizes, finding the perfect motorcycle helmet can be a challenge. It is essential to ensure a proper fit for both safety and comfort. In this section, we will address frequently asked questions (FAQs) about motorcycle helmets specifically designed for small heads. Topics covered will include finding the right helmet size, recommended helmet brands, and tips for ensuring a secure fit. By addressing these concerns, we aim to help riders with smaller head sizes find the perfect helmet that offers the necessary protection and comfort during their rides.

Is there any name for a motorcycle helmet that is for small heads?

head measurementYes, definitely there is a name for helmets that are for small heads. Those are generally called shorty helmets. Some are also known as skull caps, novelty helmets, and half helmets.

These helmets are specially designed for small heads and ensure maximum comfort for the user. Some helmets are also called youth helmets. No matter what you call these helmets the comfort remains the same.

How big is a motorcycle helmet for a small head?

There is a standard for small head helmets. And that is 19-20 inches or 50-51 centimeters. Is this size familiar to you? If it’s your head size then you should buy a helmet for a small head.

Is it normal for the helmet to squeeze cheeks?

If you are wearing a helmet that’s perfectly your size it will fit comfortably. Yes, your cheek will look like a chipmunk’s cheek against the cheek pads. But it should not squeeze so much that it’s uncomfortable. If that’s happening you are wearing a smaller size than you need.

How a helmet should fit on the head?

That’s a very common question for helmet users. They often get confused and don’t understand if their helmet is the right size or not. When you wear your helmet first thing you should feel is comfort. It shouldn’t be squeezing your cheek or head. The helmet should sit level on the head.

What do I do if I feel pressure points in my helmet?

Use cloth tape to measure your head in the first place. measure from the eyebrow to the thickest part of the back of your head. Write down the measurement and then cross-check it with the helmet measurement chart. You are feeling pressure points mostly because the helmet is too short for your size. Otherwise, a loose helmet will move around the head. A right snug fit will surely give you some pressure points. But those will not be uncomfortable at all. 

How do I adjust a helmet?

Is your helmet a little bit uncomfortable? Be it a little tight or a little loose there should be a way to manage it. Manufacturers sometimes removable cheek pads to make room for comfort in the cheek. That makes them a little loose. On the other hand, some adjustable cheek pads can give you support for a loose helmet. But don’t do this if its a little too tight or loose. That will bring some risk to your life. When the helmet isn’t a perfect fit it can cause serious injury in accidents.

How to check safety ratings?

The outside back of your helmet should have the DOT symbol. Several helmets put fake stickers in their helmets. Beware of those cheap knockoffs otherwise, an accident can take your life. In fact, buying a little expensive helmet that will last for years will be safer and money-saving than buying these knockoffs every now and then.

How do I know that a helmet is unsafe?

  • The thickness of the helmet will be less than 1mm. A stiff foam inner will be missing from a good and safe helmet. That will not be comfortable to wear at all.
  • The chinstraps must be solid with solid rivets. This is the standard that a helmet having a DOT safety label should have. Plastic buckled helmets are cheap and in case of any crash, the helmet will be gone from your head.
  • No matter how the design is the weight of a safe helmet should be more than 1 pound. Don’t let anyone fool you by saying a helmet is very lightweight and comfortable and gives you unsafe helmets.
  • Helmets that have a rigid spike or other decorations aren’t safe. As safety standards suggest safe helmets shouldn’t have extended part of two-tenth of an inch.

Does the new helmet require any break-in time?

Yes, it does actually. A helmet requires a break-in time of two to three weeks on average. After this time you will understand how great it fits you. Is it too small or too tight will be seen after sometimes? Also, the time depends on how long you ride. If riding time is a longer break-in time will be shorter.

How often a helmet needs a replacement?

A helmet needs a replacement every five years. Didn’t know helmets get expired too? Who thought helmet gets expired until we recently read that helmets get expired too. However, an accident is an immediate call for helmet replacement. Your helmet shattered inside but you didn’t see it. If you still use the helmet after the crash next crash will be life-threatening.

Buying guide for small head motorcycle helmet

Motorcycle Rider HackerTwo-wheelers are like best friends for us. These are with us almost everywhere we go. It gives us the freedom to go anywhere we want. For such a best friend we need another great pair. And that is the helmet. Without a helmet motorcycle is nothing. We don’t get any safety without a good helmet. Buying a good-quality helmet that fits you great is a miracle. Does your small head stop this miracle to happen? Don’t worry anymore. We are here to guide you in buying the best motorcycle for a small head. The problem isn’t your head. It’s the sizing that makes the problem. Let’s know the details about it.

How do I find a helmet for a small head?

Have you ever measured your head? If yes then you know your head size. Manufacturers of helmets have their size charts. It usually starts with S M L and XL. As you think your head is small check out the measurement of S size helmets. If you think it will fit you then go for it. Helmets in the market are segmented in terms of shapes of the head as well. Such as oval, round and neutral. Measure your head to know which shape is your head. And then go for one that feels like a fit. There are so many brands out there that make great helmets for a small head. You can check them out.

How a helmet should fit my small head?

A helmet should fit just right. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. If as a small head person you feel like your helmet is moving a little too much you should change it. The opposite can happen as well. You can feel like your head is too small but actually, it’s not that small. So an S-size helmet can be too tight for you. So measuring the head perfectly is the most crucial part in selecting the best fitting helmet.

How much should I spend on a helmet?

The helmet is protective gear as we all know. It should be an investment you make every five/six years. So don’t be afraid to splurge on a good quality helmet. It will give you the safety of life. Any cheap helmet cannot save you when there is an accident. If you are low on a budget take a look at some budget-friendly good quality helmets. Don’t compromise on quality.

Types of helmets:

There are many types of helmets that are available in the market. Don’t just choose whatever looks cool in the eyes. All these helmets have specific needs that it can fulfill. Of all these helmets full face helmet is the safest of all. But you can go for others if you don’t need that extra safety.

Open face helmet:

One of the most common helmets that are available in the market is this open-face helmet. It doesn’t have a jaw at all. So it gives you more comfort and more visibility. On the other hand, it’s not the safest helmet in the market. If you ride a short distance from home that’s not an accident-prone road use this helmet. And don’t ride more than 60

KMPH with this helmet on. The helmet has an adjustable visor so that you can see even if you are riding high speed.

Full face helmet

Full face helmet is the best helmet in terms of protection. It’s the most expensive one as well. A full-face helmet ensures the safety of the whole head. There are plenty of options available in the market to find this helmet. Ride to anywhere no matter its hill, grocery, or work with this helmet. Even a windblast accident will not be able to harm your head while you wear a full-face helmet correctly.

Modular helmet:

Love the security that a full-face helmet gives? But don’t want to wear it as it’s way too uncomfortable? A modular helmet is for those people who love full-face helmets for protection. But the heaviness and claustrophobia stop them. A modular helmet is a mixture of both a full-face and open-face helmet. If you only ride in the city it’s perfect for your use. When you ride at high speed just convert the helmet to a full-face helmet. Otherwise, keep rocking the open-face helmet style. A ride when you bump at every stoppage for traffic it is not fun to wear a full-face helmet. Get some open air and enjoy better visibility.

Motocross helmet:

Are you used to riding off-road often? Then you must see this motocross helmet. It is lighter than the full-face helmet and offers way more visibility. But don’t go for it if you have to ride on city road. It gets noisier while you ride. Why is that? As we all know that helmets with more ventilation are noisier. Fair because the more place for air to come makes place for noise as well. Here are some key details about motocross motorcycle helmets:

  1. Shell Design: Motocross helmets typically have an extended chin bar and a sun peak or visor to shield the rider’s eyes from debris, sun glare, and branches. The shell is often made from lightweight materials like polycarbonate, fiberglass, or carbon fiber to provide excellent impact resistance without adding too much weight.
  2. Ventilation: Off-road riding can be physically demanding, generating significant body heat. Motocross helmets feature advanced ventilation systems with multiple vents and exhaust ports to promote airflow, keeping the rider cool and comfortable.
  3. Goggle Compatibility: Motocross helmets are designed to accommodate off-road goggles, which provide eye protection and prevent dust and debris from entering the rider’s eyes. Some helmets include removable nose guards for added compatibility with goggles.
  4. Interior Padding: The interior padding of a motocross helmet is designed for comfort, moisture-wicking, and easy removal for cleaning. High-quality liners made from anti-microbial materials help to keep the helmet fresh and odor-free.
  5. Safety Standards: Motocross helmets must meet strict safety standards to ensure adequate protection during off-road riding. Look for certifications such as DOT, ECE, or Snell, which indicate that the helmet meets or exceeds the minimum safety requirements.

Comfort factors you must consider:

When selecting a motorcycle helmet, it’s essential to prioritize both safety and comfort. A comfortable helmet not only enhances your overall riding experience but also ensures you wear it consistently, providing the necessary protection while on the road. In this introduction, we will discuss the key comfort factors to consider when choosing a motorcycle helmet, including fit, weight, ventilation, interior padding, and noise reduction. By taking these factors into account, you can find a helmet that not only keeps you safe but also feels comfortable during your rides. Before buying a helmet two things are the most important just after safety. Those are:

The Importance of Ventilation in Motorcycle Helmets:

You don’t want to feel suffocated in the heat wearing a helmet. It’s the worst feeling ever to feel sweaty and have a heavy thing on your head. Ventilation is a must-see thing as we mostly have to stuck in the traffic. Even if there is no traffic getting more air while riding is awesome.

Reducing Noise Levels in Motorcycle Helmets:

Did you know that riding the bike at a higher speed can damage your ear? It’s the noise that hampers the ability to hear. So choosing a helmet that doesn’t let too much sound in is crucial. It’s better if you can wear an earplug while wearing the helmet. Make sure the fit is still right when you wear the earplug. Wearing the earplug will help to keep your ear safe.

Choosing the Right Visor for Your Motorcycle Helmet:

We all get attracted to some smoked visor that looks cool. But when you ride the bike you will not be able to see things. Buy helmets that have a clear visor. If you have a good budget then add anti-scratch and anti-fog to your list of priorities. Because these will ensure you get a good view throughout the year even if it’s winter or the helmet is kind of old.

Proper cushioning:

Proper cushioning on a helmet is important for two reasons. One is for safety. A helmet with good cushioning will save your skull in case of an accident. Another one is comfort. Wearing a proper cushioned helmet gives comfort. Though a helmet that’s good quality will have this already. Cheap helmets don’t have proper cushioning and that makes these helmets unsafe and uncomfortable. Don’t spend your hard-earned pennies on this.

Final thoughts:

What do you think? Could we solve your confusion about helmet sizing? Are you going to be in trouble anymore every time you have to buy a helmet? I hope not. The helmet is a part of a motorcycle rider. You cannot go riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Get the best quality helmet that’s solidly built and protects you. Keep comfort in your mind. A stylish, safe and good quality helmet is a package worth spending your hard-earned money on.


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